Vhutali Khangale and her sisters suffered from severe period pains for a very long time. One of them even suffered from these pains since 2005. When the pains started she would not even go to school and would miss her exams. She noticed that she had received her healing when she was at Seshego Stadium. She had her periods without pains. This was after Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her on the First Tuesday Service of 2017. We give glory to Jesus Christ, both Vhutali and her sister have received their healing from these severe period pains.
In 2014 Vhutali went home for 2 weeks, while she was there she started having a headache and she thought it was because she had just plaited her hair. She came back to Johannesburg on the week of the night prayer and she was to pray and fast in preparation for the night prayer. She started feeling pains all over her body. She told her sister who took her to a doctor. The diagnosed womb infection. She went back to the doctor three times and she got three injections. She had a terrible reaction to the last injection, it was as if she was having a stroke.
She was taken to the hospital where they could not diagnose what was wrong with her. Her situation got worse and sometimes she could not see properly. She went to another doctor who said either her appendix burst or she had stomach TB. She was referred to another doctor and after having paid a lot of money, he also could not diagnose her condition. She went to different clinics and they said she had an infection. She started losing weight and went to the hospital where they said she was a passive smoker.
She was booked for an operation because they said she had water in her stomach. The operation was cancelled due to the risk of damaging her womb. X-ray scans would show water in her stomach but when the doctors physically checked, they found nothing. She was scheduled for two more operations, they were also cancelled and the hospital said they had no beds. She lost hope, she was prepared to even die if it meant the end of her suffering. Her sister told Pastor Mukhuba what was going on.
Pastor Mukhuba requested the hospital CEO’s contact details and when the hospital staff heard this they got scared and granted her operation. They said her stomach was full of TB. After the operation she could not walk, she was in severe pains and had to use a wheelchair. She was given medication and each time she took it, she would vomit the whole day.
She used to be fed in her dreams from a very young age. One day she dreamt eating, she woke up and started vomiting. She came to church that day very weak. She was taken to hospital and there things got tough because the nurses did not want her to use the UBN blanket. She vomited and looked like she was dying. She still could not sleep at night because she would be fed in her dreams. One morning she woke up and something had developed in her throat that blocked her breathing.
She sometimes felt like she was going crazy. She went to Pastor Mukhuba who encouraged her and she left full of faith that she would come back with a testimony. Today she testifies that she has not been to hospital since June 2016, she is completely healed.
We thank God for His divine intervention on her health. If God could remember her after suffering for so long, He can also do it for you today. Believe the Lord for your healing, and you shall receive in the name of Jesus Christ!