Unity Fellowship Church

No more idol worship!

Her life has been delivered from the bondage of the enemy. An encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ brought healing to her sick husband who was supposed to use a wheelchair after a spine surgery; the Lord also healed his kidney failure miraculously.

Family Background

My Name is Alina Ngozo; I was born in Olifantvlei, Soweto. I grew up in a family of six and we were raised by both of our parents. My parents were born in Lesotho but moved to Johannesburg where my siblings and I were all born. In my family we used to attend a ‘secret’ church. We also consulted witchdoctors and performed ritual ceremonies to appease the ancestors. My maternal great grandmother was a witchdoctor; my paternal grandmother used to mix charms even though she was not initiated. I was named after my great grandmother, Mmamtopi. I was supposed to take over her witchdoctor duties after she passed away but my cousin has taken over as I chose the way of Christ.

The initiation school

While I was in grade eight I went to a girls’ initiation school in Free State, which we call “Koma” or “Lebollo” in Sotho. The initiation camp was situated in a busy area near a river. Before the initiation began, the witchdoctor came and strengthened the initiation camp. On the first day we entered the hut, which was built there, we were cut on the head with a razor blade by the witchdoctor and he put charms on those cuts. We stayed in the hut and our initiators would tell us that there was a man who came from the river and we must expect his visitation during the night. We would not even see how this man came during the night. He was highly respected by everyone and they called him grandfather. There was time during the night whereby we would go to the river with old women and danced naked next to the river. During the day we were not allowed to go out of the hut, we would stay inside the hut until it was dark enough to go outside.

The initiation process took six weeks. During the first two weeks we were not allowed to drink water. Our families would send money for us to get food. In order for us to finally drink the water our families had to buy a sheep. The sheep was slaughtered and the witchdoctor who strengthened the initiation camp performed a ritual ceremony with it. We were once again cut on the heads and charms were put on the cuts. That is when we were allowed to drink water after this ritual. When we left the place at the end of the sixth week, the witchdoctor performed another ritual and this was the third time. When we left the initiation school everything that we used during the period of six weeks was burnt at the river bank. When I got home they also performed a ritual. They slaughtered again and communicated with the ancestors and tell them that I have safely returned. Something very unusual happened after I came back from the initiation, I started having a spirit of wanting to be a lesbian but I didn’t act upon it.

The spirit of failure in the family

In my family no one has ever completed grade twelve, except my youngest brother who became a born-again Christian when he was in high school. I attended school in Soweto and Free State and when I was in grade twelve I started experiencing short memories and was mostly forgetful about what I have studied. After the first quarter I decided to drop out of school with no apparent reason. I stayed at home until I got married.

The secret church

When we were growing up at home we used to attend a secret church. In this church they also initiate you, so they gave us seven signs, these signs were a secret and we would use them when we entered the church; we had to tell one of the leaders at the door these seven signs before entering the church. They gave me a white and green cloth with a red cross on it. I was supposed to put this cloth together with my clothes when I went away for a visit. I used to forget this cloth and I ended up losing it, even today I don’t know where I lost it.

I was not serving at church, but my younger brother was given a position as a priest and we did not know about it. When he got his deliverance at Unity Fellowship Church that is when we found out that he was a priest in the kingdom of darkness. He was not aware of what he was doing because they recruited him when he was only seven years old. He started realising that he was not a priest of God but of the kingdom of darkness when he was in high school. All of my siblings were attending this church except the last-born. All of us in my family were supposed to be initiated. My “priest” brother was also supposed to be initiated because in this secret church they didn’t have a problem with witchdoctors as they work with them.

He told me that I have helped him a lot by coming to church because he didn’t know how to get out of that church since he was already connected to the things of the kingdom of darkness, and he was very deep into serving the devil. After he started serving in the kingdom of darkness, we started suffering at home and things were not going right. He told me that after one month of me joining Unity Fellowship Church; there were fights at the kingdom of darkness. They were saying that they wanted me because I had seen the light of God; their things were no longer going to work in my family. Back at home when they performed their rituals they used to ask me for money to buy a goat for slaughtering but I would refuse to help them because I was no longer involved in ancestral worship.

My other brother said he could see that there was something wrong with my younger brother but he didn’t understand what it was, because he loved to go to the waters in the river during the night. He explained that in the kingdom of darkness they would meet under the water. Our home is near the river so when he went out during the night, we thought it was the ancestors that want him to initiate as a witchdoctor that were tormenting him. When he went to the river, he would tell us that he is going to pray and we didn’t suspect anything because we thought as a priest he ought to pray. We also thought that his calling was becoming powerful and he was going to meet with the ancestors. He then explained that when he was going to the river he was meeting with his boss from the kingdom of darkness.

The loss of my children

I had my first born child through caesarean section due to the complications I experienced during the labour. I gave birth to a baby boy and he only lived for three months. He was diagnosed with circular muscular atrophy disorder, a condition which weakens muscles. Unfortunately he succumbed to this condition and his life was cut short. I conceived again and my pregnancy was overdue. When I was eleven months pregnant I went to consult a witchdoctor who gave me charms to drink. I was then able to deliver the baby. When he was born his hands and legs bones were broken and his legs were green. Moreover he died on the third day. I conceived again for the third and last time. I attempted to commit suicide twice during my pregnancy. I had a lot of anger within me. This was not the first time I tried to kill myself, when I was growing up I also tried several times to commit suicide. When I gave birth to my daughter, I was ten months pregnant and the doctors did not have any medical explanations why I was overdue. All my children were long overdue when they were born.

My daughter was well when she was born. I only realised when she started to stand that she had a problem with her foot, and her foot was bent and she could not step down with it. I took her to the witchdoctor because her leg was always shaking like that of someone with fits. After the consultation she became well. I developed hatred and resentment towards my child without any reason. At this point I also started having dreams of being chased by a snake. One day I was subconscious and dreamt of a snake encircling me but I was not really sleeping, I could feel that there was more to this dream, it felt so real. I just surrendered and thought to myself that it meant that I was dying. After that day my stomach started growing and I could feel something inside me moving like a baby pulling my umbilical cord even though I was not pregnant. As this thing continued to move inside, my private parts got closed up. When I went to consult the doctors the first one could not see anything and the second one said I must sterilise. I took the advice but there were no changes. I then started eating soil and developed hatred towards my husband.

I was supposed to be initiated as witchdoctor in the sea in Durban

I continued consulting witchdoctors and was told that I needed to initiate to become a witchdoctor. In 2008, at the time that I was supposed to initiate my husband got sick. We once again consulted another witchdoctor who told my father that I needed to go to Durban, to the sea as part of my witchcraft initiation. At that time my husband was very sick so I could not just up and leave him in the state he was in. I became sick, my legs were swollen. During the time of my sickness I would have dreams of the things I needed to buy for my initiation to become a witchdoctor. I was also showed through a dream the witchdoctor who was supposed to initiate me. I went and bought those things in preparation for my initiation. After having bought those things, immediately my legs were healed when I stepped out of the store. To me this became a clear confirmation that this meant that was what I had to do and the ancestors were showing signs of support.

Divine healing for my husband after visiting Unity Fellowship Church

Before I went to be initiated, somebody came to my house and told me about Unity Fellowship Church because my husband was suffering. It was in September 2009 when I came to UFC with my husband. Pastor Mukhuba prayed for my husband and he received his healing. After two weeks he went back to the hospital for his routine review and they confirmed that he was completely healed. He was supposed to have gone through a spine surgery. The medical doctors also told us, that he might need to use a wheel chair after this operation. He was suffering from kidney failure, every year in November he would get severely sick. After an encounter with the servant of God, the Lord Jesus Christ healed my husband miraculously, and till today he is free.

I brought all the ancestral clothes to be burned and destroyed to disconnect myself.

It was during a Wednesday healing and deliverance service in 2010, when I started receiving my deliverance from the Lord here Unity Fellowship Church. It was revealed during my deliverance that it was the familiar spirits tormenting me with sickness so that I should become a witchdoctor in the family. The Lord Jesus Christ has changed my life. I also had a spirit of anger because when I grew up, I saw my mother being abused and ill-treated by my father’s family. On the other side my father was mistreated at work always. So I vowed to myself that when I grew up, I would make sure that all the people who inflicted suffering to my parents will have to pay somehow. I would even follow stories of serial killers because I also wanted to be like them when I grew up.

My brother was serving as a priest in the kingdom of darkness

When my brother was still serving the devil in his kingdom as a priest, he confessed that he was a devil worshiper. His job was to instruct other devil worshipers to cause accidents, to collect blood from the accident scenes into his kingdom and punish those who have failed to carry out his instructions. He also confessed that he had a hand in my father’s death. My father was very sick and he suffered a lot and the doctors didn’t understand what was going on. He was sick until he died in 2008. After my brother’s deliverance at Unity Fellowship Church, he received the grace of salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ. He is now a child of God.

Words of advice

People should seek true churches of God. After receiving the grace of my deliverance and salvation in the name of Jesus Christ, I never looked back. I will not backslide, for I know how it is to plough the fields of the devil. I encourage people to find a true living church of Jesus Christ, and remain in fellowship even when encountering challenges. Never backslide.

According to the Word of God in Jeremiah 1:5 which says, “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you…” I truly believe this scripture about my life, that God chose me and used me to set my family free from the bondages of the devil. From both my mother and father’s side, they perform ancestral rituals appeasing the devil. I am the first one to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour in my family. I also broke the curse of anti-marriages in the name of Jesus Christ, because from both my mother and father’s side there is none who has been married and stayed in the marriage; they also divorce and have children with different fathers. I am the only one who has stayed in a marriage relationship. Coming to Unity also saved my marriage because now the curse is broken. I also taught my siblings to get out of fornication. I also believe that eventually, my whole family will get out of ancestral worship and witchcraft and be