Unity Fellowship Church

She was tormented by tokoloshes day and night without rest. Her situation changed for better once she stepped in to Unity Fellowship Church.”

She was tormented by tokoloshes day and night without rest. Her situation changed for better once she stepped in to Unity Fellowship Church.

Tshumbedzo Luruli suffered greatly in the hands of the enemy. She was tormented by tokoloshes day and night without rest. Her situation changed for better once she stepped in to Unity Fellowship Church. The Lord took away all her afflictions. Like The psalmist says “The Lord looked down from His sanctuary on high, from heaven He viewed the earth, to hear the groans of the prisoners and release those condemned to death” (Psalm 102:19-20). The Lord has now redeemed her from the hands of the enemy. She is completely free from the torments of the evil one for Jesus came to set the captives free (Luke 4:18).

Family Background

I was born in Mauluma Village, Nzhelele, Limpopo. I was born in a royal family. My mother was also from a royal family. I was raised by both parents and I have three siblings. When I was two years old, my mother dreamt of my maternal grandmother asking her where I was. When she woke up, I was not in the house, I was missing. She went to the royal house to report that I was missing and she was told that I would return. She then went to inquire at a false church that she used to attend, and the false prophet told her that I was with my grandparents and that I would return. The following night my mother heard a knock on the door and when she opened, she found me standing on the doorstep alone. After this occurrence, I started developing boils on my body. I stayed in hospital for a month. I had these boils throughout my childhood and they only stopped when I was in high school.

I grew up attending a false church whose headquarters is based in Polokwane. During the Easter and the December holidays, our family would gather at my grandmother’s place to perform ancestral rituals such as: pouring Umqombothi (African beer) on the ground and calling upon the dead. When I was in high school, I became very sick and at church, they gave me orders to perform so that I could be healed, but they did not work. The sickness continued, my whole body was in pain. I attended Nanga Primary School and then proceeded to Tswime Secondary School. I became sick after passing my grade 12. I could not further my studies due to the sickness. I later got married the traditional way in 2003, my husband paid half the amount of the lobola. My mother-in-law also attended a false church. When I got married, I joined her. When I was pregnant with my firstborn child, my sickness became worse and I gave birth prematurely when I was eight months pregnant. My child stayed in the hospital for four weeks.

I had a miscarriage of triplets

After giving birth to my second born child, I went and stayed with my husband in Berea Johannesburg. In 2008, I was six months pregnant with triplets and I was very sick. I had a terrible headache, my legs were swollen and painful, and I would just spin and fall. My husband and I decided to consult a witchdoctor in Tshiawelo Soweto. This happened at the time when there were xenophobic related attacks in South Africa. We were in the Johannesburg CBD going back to our place when policemen grabbed me by the hand from the back. I did not see that it was policemen. When I tried to break away thinking it was thieves trying to rob me, I realised it was policemen. The one who had grabbed me by the hand did not let me go and my husband tried to push him away, but he, together with the others ended up beating us. Another man was shouting, “Can’t you see that she is pregnant?” They said they did not see. I started bleeding and I was taken to a hospital, but I ended up having a miscarriage. When I was back from the hospital, we opened a case against those policemen, but the docket vanished.

I almost initiated as a witchdoctor

After the miscarriage of the triplets, my sickness grew worse, when walking, I would see darkness and I would just collapse. In 2009, it became worse and my husband took me back to Venda. When this darkness came, it would be as if I was seeing people around me and I would fear and run away. My in-laws took me to consult witchdoctors. However, I did not get any better. When I fell, I would fight people and be confused, it was as if I was going mad. In 2009, I fell pregnant again. My husband and I went to consult a witchdoctor and she told me that my ancestors wanted me to initiate as a witchdoctor or else I would not be healed and she also told me that I would not carry the baby to term.

At that time, I could not even walk, my legs and my knees were in so much pain and I also had severe pains on my waist. My father did not want me to initiate, nevertheless, my in-laws and my family took me to a certain witchdoctor in Tshikambe Village, Tshivhase to dance malombo (traditional Venda dance for ancestors that is done before one is initiated as a witchdoctor). I spent the whole night there, they made me dance to the drum beat, saying that when they beat the drum while I dance, they are awakening the gods of my ancestors. They took me to a house and applied black muti on my tummy, my head and my chest.

I was told that when I go and initiate as a witchdoctor, I must take my firstborn daughter to the daughter of the witchdoctor who was helping me with the initiation process. Moreover, my daughter would become the witchdoctor’s daughter and that she would not return home to me. When asked if she wanted to stay with my daughter forever, that witchdoctor said I asked a lot of questions. After the witchdoctor applied the muti on me, I was told that the ancestors had risen and that they were with me. I was taken to another house where there were other people who were undergoing the same process as I was. We were given goat and lamb meat to eat. We were told to eat the meat of our ancestors.

Another lady who had just given birth told me that she was told that she needed to take her child to the witchdoctor’s place, but she did not understand the reason behind. She was also asked if she loved the child. We both did not understand what was going on. I only understand it now after reading the testimony of Martha Matlakala Tlhale (refer to the Unity Broadcasting Network (UBN) Newsletter Issue 02). Then I realised that they wanted to sacrifice my daughter, now I thank God because, after the malombo ritual, I did not go back and initiate as a witchdoctor. The witchdoctor called my mother-in-law after I gave birth, requesting that I should go back and initiate, but I refused and said I would not be able to go through with it.

I was called to be a false prophet

In 2010, I came back to Johannesburg and I was still sick, then I decided to go to Alexandra to a false church that I used to attend when I was growing up. When I arrived at that church, a false prophet took me aside and told me that I would make a great witchdoctor and since at that church they did not perform witchdoctor practices, I needed to be a false prophet. I was also told that I needed to leave my husband because he was not attending that false church and that they would give me a husband from the false church. I did not understand what I was being told, but I kept going to that church and they restricted me from eating certain foods like beef and white porridge. They also restricted me from using body lotions, I was only allowed to use the petroleum jelly from that church. They told me that if I refused the calling of being a false prophet helping people, I would get hurt because the burdens, the curses and the problems of those people would be transferred to me. They gave me orders to follow, but I did not comply with the orders.

The last day I went to that church, the false prophets told me that I do not comply. Thus, I needed to go back to Venda and be initiated as a witchdoctor and if I slept with my husband, I would die because he would kill me. They said I needed to separate with my husband because there was a man who loved me and wanted to marry me in that false church. They burned coffee and stones for me to inhale the steam, but while they were still burning them, I left the false church and never went back. I stayed at home for a year without attending the church.

I was brutally tormented by tokoloshes (spiritual husbands)

In 2012, I started being tormented by a spiritual husband and I became very sick. It started as a dream where I would see a tokoloshe coming to sleep with me and I would fight it. This tokoloshe would come to me during the day and sleep with me and I had to fight it every day. As time went by, they became two and they would both sleep with me. While I was still struggling with the two tokoloshes, the third one came. These tokoloshes looked like people, but they were very short and they had long hair and beards. Their faces were big and fat and they had very big hands, they were terrifying.

These tokoloshes gave me no rest because they would come to me during the day and at night; every day was a struggle for me. I was the only one seeing these tokoloshes, the people around me could not see them. I would see them coming to me and I would fight them. My husband would also help me to fight them even though he did not see them. In most cases, they would defeat me and end up raping me. When I tried to stand up after they were done raping me, a lot of semen would flow out from my vagina and the smell from the semen was awful. My husband and my children would even see the semen on the ground.

The tokoloshes gave me no rest

Every day after the tokoloshes had raped me, my whole body would be swollen and in pain, I had bruises all over my body because of fighting with them. Our neighbour used to say that my husband was abusing me, that he was beating me up. The neighbours would hear the screams and the noise of things falling in our flat and they also saw bruises on my body. However, when I told them that he did not beat me and that we were not fighting, they never believed me. One day, they called my family and told them that my husband was abusing me. It was after the tokoloshes came and raped me.

I was badly injured and my husband had to take me to hospital. When all this was happening, my family had abandoned me because they said I was stubborn and did not want to become a witchdoctor. That was the reason why I was suffering. They said I was on my own. Whatever trouble that would come upon me, I had to deal with by myself. My family came to Johannesburg and they said I must tell them the truth regarding the fights in the house. They asked me why my husband was beating me, but I did not tell them anything because they had abandoned me. I told them that he was not abusing me, then they started fighting with my husband.

From one false church to another

These tokoloshes came during the time that I was very sick and as they continued to rape me, my private part became very big and it smelled very bad. I smelled very bad even after bathing. I was then referred to another false church in Johannesburg. My husband took me to that church, then I became better, I was able to walk on my own. However, the spiritual husbands were still tormenting me and my private part was still big and smelly. At that church, they used to prickle my stomach with spears and once a month they bathed me with a salt solution. There would be many of us bathing, one after another in the same bath using the same water. They also gave me salt that I put on my private part and it was painful. The tokoloshes kept on raping me and I sprinkled them with the salt that I got from the false church. The salt did not help me because the tokoloshes continued raping me. We ended up not sleeping together with my husband because of these tokoloshes and the effect that they had caused on my body. The situation became worse to an extent that I decided to go and stay at false church. My husband would drop me off in the morning and pick me up in the evening after work. I attended services during the day and if there was no service, I stayed there until my husband came and picked me up. This did not help either because at night, I could not sleep, the tokoloshes still came. My bed was always full of water bottles and salts, but that did not stop the tokoloshes from raping me. A breeze of hot air would come out of my private part causing a burning sensation. I had to open my legs and blow air into my private part or sit close to a fan most of the time.

I tested HIV positive

The pain and the suffering became unbearable and my private part was becoming dry. One day, we went to a clinic and a certain doctor attended to me. He performed an HIV test and the results came back positive. I was confused because when I got married, I was still a virgin and I was faithful to my husband. I did not understand where I got the HIV from. I started fighting with my husband because I thought he was the one who had transmitted the HIV virus to me. I would wake up and strangle him at night saying that before I die of this virus, he must die first. We went back to the clinic and they counselled us, but I insisted that my husband had given me the HIV virus because I had never slept with any other man except him. They performed an HIV test on my husband and the results came back negative. Then there was a problem. I did not understand what was going on with me because even my private part was rotten. I started thinking of committing suicide and I told my husband that it was better if he married another woman because I wanted to kill myself. I would stand on the balcony wanting to jump to the ground, but my husband would get hold of me all the time. I tried drinking poison and taking an overdose of medicine, but it did not work. All these things were happening when I was attending the false church in Johannesburg. I did not get any relief to my sufferings. My sister-in-law did not want me to go to that false church, she told me that it was not a church of God, but I kept going there. I felt as if she was insulting me because she attended a Christian Church, it was like she was saying I do not know God. One day, I became so sick that my husband had to call home and my sister-in-law gave him the contact details of another pastor in Venda. After my husband explained my problem to the pastor, the pastor called me and prayed for me. After he prayed for me, I felt something moving in my stomach and I felt that I wanted to urinate. I got out of bed and I squatted on a small basin with water because I felt that it wanted to come out. I felt that thing coming out into the basin and when I looked, I saw something that looked like a shark’s head moving in the water. We took it and put it in the water. It lived for three days, and then it died. We went to Venda to the Pastor who prayed for me over the phone. We went to his church with that thing that looked like a shark’s head which was in the bottle and he prayed for me. After the prayer, he said if I were to go back to Johannesburg, I would need to find deliverance from these things that were tormenting me and from the ancestral spirit. I told the pastor that I needed to go back to Johannesburg because I had left my children in Johannesburg and they attended school. When I went back to Johannesburg, the pastor said it would be better to find a living church of God or else I would not be delivered.

How I came to Unity Fellowship Church

One evening of January 2014 when coming back from church, I saw Pastor Mukhuba on the Unity Broadcasting Network (UBN) channel and she was praying for people. After watching UBN, I was able to sleep. I did not see the tokoloshes coming to me. I told my sister-in-law about the church and she said she would inquire about the church first. She came back to me and told me that indeed, it is a true church of God and she gave me directions to the church. She encouraged me to go to Unity Fellowship Church because I would receive my deliverance. I started attending Unity on the Sunday during the 40 days fasting of 2014. After the service, I went home and I saw the tokoloshes from a distance, but they could not reach me. From that day, those tokoloshes never raped me, it was the beginning of an end to my agony.

I had hair coming out of my private part

I went back to Unity Fellowship Church during the first-night prayer of 2014, which was on the 14th of February 2014. I was sitting at the back of the blue and white tent. I started feeling some heat in my private part, I was burning and I wanted to urinate. I ran to the toilet and after urinating, I noticed that the toilet was full of hair. I was surprised as to where the hair came from. When I arrived at home, I told my husband what had happened. He said I should have told the ushers and I told him I did not know what to say, and I was wondering what they would think of me. When I wanted to urinate again, my husband said I must use a bucket and see what would happen. I used the bucket and a lot of hair came out again.

For the whole week, a lot of hair was coming out of my private part when I urinated. I went back to church for the first Tuesday Service of 2014 and I heard people talking about how God is using the UBN Holy Anointing oil to relieve people from their suffering. Hence, I went and got myself a bottle of the UBN Holy anointing oil. I started applying the anointing oil on my private part, and my private part became smaller. As I kept ministering the anointing oil in the name of Jesus, my private part shrunk back to its normal size, but it still smelt bad. I started drinking the anointing oil and the smell died out.

After that first Tuesday service, when I got home, for the first time I did not see the tokoloshes anymore. I went back to the clinic for an HIV test and I was still HIV positive. I attended the second Anointing Service on the 23rd of February 2014. During the service, Pastor Mukhuba was singing this song, “Yehla mlilo ka Jehovah, uzi bhonakalise (Come down Holy Ghost Fire of God and manifest yourself).” I felt so much heat and my whole body was burning. Even while she was preaching, I was still burning. I was sitting in the white tent and the pastor called the people in the white tent to go to the altar and be anointed. When she anointed me, I felt such an excessive amount of heat that I was unable to handle and I fell down. I stood up and went back to the tent, took my handbag and left. While I was walking, I felt like there was wind that was pushing me from the back. Then I started doubting the church, thinking maybe I got myself into another wrong church. I called my husband and explained what was happening to me and he called my sister- in-law. She told him that I might be undergoing deliverance.

I am now HIV negative

The following day we went and bought the HIV test kit, and when we wanted to test, we could not find the test kit. My last born child found the kit and before we could test we prayed and we did the HIV test again. My husband’s results came back negative, but mine did not show anything. My husband said, “It is not possible” then he played one of the forty days messages and blood started moving, it showed one stroke to show that I was HIV negative. I called my sister-in-law and she said we must pray. I went to the doctor and he said it is possible that you can test negative whereas you are still positive and I was told to wait for six weeks. I went back to the doctor after six weeks and he did the test and the results came back negative. He asked me how many times I had done the test and I told him that I had done it many times. I told him that I tested six weeks before and the results came back negative, and he was surprised and he asked me what had happened. I said I did not know, I did not tell him that I went to church and got healed. I have been going around clinics testing and the results always come back negative. I am still HIV negative even today.

Back to the sender

At one Sunday service, I testified and received my deliverance from seeing the tokoloshes. After that service, my neighbours went to confront my parents and accused me of things that I did when I was young. They demanded that I must go back and ask for forgiveness for beating their child when I was still young. My parents asked them how they could want me to apologise for things that happened years ago. Then the neighbours started going around telling people that they were sick and I had infected them with a disease. They and their daughters were sick and all the witches back at home who had infected me with AIDS through their witchcraft were complaining because those tokoloshes were now sleeping with their daughters, and the witches started dying one after another.

I was followed by a fly

When I went to church and wanted to testify, the tokoloshes would appear. I explained to my counsellor that when I wanted to testify, the tokoloshes came to me and threatened me. The counsellor advised me to pray the separation prayer, and then I started praying. I had a fly that stayed in the house and followed me everywhere I went. I remember one day I went for an interview and that fly followed me to the interview room. When the interviewers asked my name I gave them a wrong name and I got confused. They were confused because the name I gave them was different from the one on my ID and CV. I asked to make a call to my husband so that I could ask him my name. They ended up saying I was playing and I did not know what I wanted. They took me out of the interview room. The fly was still following me on my way back home.

We were persistent until we got our marriage certificate

After hearing the teachings of the pastor that when a man has not finished paying lobola (dowry) and you are staying together, you are not married but living in fornication, we decided to go to Home Affairs to register our marriage and we booked a date. I gave them my ID and my husband’s ID and they gave me a confirmation letter that showed a date on which we were supposed to go and sign. The day came and we went to Home Affairs with the witnesses, but we had forgotten the confirmation letter. We were told to go back home because we could not sign for the marriage without that letter. We had to register again. When we went back to sign for the second time, the witnesses did not show up. I went back and registered for another date.

We went back to sign for the third time, and again one witness did not show up. We had to register again for the fourth time. Before we went to sign, I attended the last Tuesday Service of 2014 which was on the 09th of December 2014 and I received my deliverance. I did not know that there were things blocking us from getting married. The following week we went back to sign for marriage for the fourth time, this time, the witnesses came, but when my ID was scanned, I was told that it was not in the system and that I was not South African. I was surprised and I asked myself how it was possible because I had applied for my ID in South Africa and it was issued in 1998. Moreover, I had been using it to open accounts. I used the same ID when I was in grade 12 and I also used it when I applied for my children’s birth certificates.

The home affairs officers insisted that my ID did not exist. My husband said he did not understand how it could be possible. We had the UBN fire stickers because we always carried them with us everywhere we went. My husband took one sticker and put it in his pocket, I also took a sticker and put it on my ID. The lady who was attending to us said we must go home, but my husband refused and gave me his fire sticker and I placed it on my bra. The lady who was assisting us asked me what I was putting on my breast, and I said it was a fire sticker. She laughed and asked me if I thought the magic sticker would work for me. She took my ID book and scanned it again and my ID appeared on the system. She was surprised and said, “It seems like your magic sticker has worked.” Then she referred us to another office where we signed our marriage certificate.

I had insects crawling on my back

During the last Tuesday Service, the fly that was following me disappeared. I have not seen it up until today. I also received my healing. I had pains all around my waist and I had something that was heavy on my shoulder and my backbone. It was as if there was a spider or a cockroach crawling on my back. I would scratch myself, but with no effect. Whenever I was at church, it would become worse. It started in 2011 and on the last Tuesday service of 2014, it was the end of it all. The following day when I woke up, I went jogging to see if those things would come back because I used to feel them when walking, but they never came back I was completely delivered.

The tokoloshes would eat food from my house

In January 2015 when I was still undergoing deliverance, we started experiencing strange things in the house. We woke up one morning and found the iron, the stove and the kettle hot. We took the appliances and put them on the balcony for them to cool off. We realised that the food also finished quickly. The tokoloshes were coming at night to cook and eat food in the house. We had a lot of groceries, but they did not last a month. After we partook on the 2015 forty days prayer and fasting, the stove, kettle and the iron were no longer hot in the morning. In April 2015, we were tormented by spiders in the house, they would crawl all over the house. One day, we decided to spray the house with water mixed with the UBN holy anointing oil, and the spiders gathered together in one place on the roof, then we burned them.

The devil wanted to stop me from testifying

During the crossover service on the 31st December 2014, I saw the tokoloshes standing at the door when I was about to testify. I did not give my full testimony. This happened again on Sunday the 16th of August 2015. While I was testifying, I saw the tokoloshes walking from the church entrance to where my husband was sitting. I saw them putting spears on my husband’s head. I could not breathe, I felt something choking me to an extent that I could not speak and I fell. When the Pastor came to the pulpit and the ushers took me to her, I saw the tokoloshes moving backwards, but I still felt something choking me. During the time that I was standing in front of the Pastor, that thing that was choking me released its grip from me. After I had said that I am now HIV negative, those tokoloshes disappeared. I never saw them again until today. After I had testified, I still met false prophets of the false church that I attended in the streets and in the taxis telling me that my husband would kill me and that I needed to go back to the false church and become a false prophet. However, I refused and chose not to believe in the lies of the devil. My brother called me after I had testified and he said that we needed to sit down as a family and talk. Since there had been no peace between us, he apologised for abandoning me. Even my aunt from my father’s side came to my place and wanted our family to reconcile.

Protected from the attacks of the witches

During the July 2015 school holidays, my ring slipped on my kid’s bag when they were going to Venda. I did not know where it was until my sister-in-law called and told me about it. It fell again while I was packing clothes for my husband when he went to Venda for a funeral, he found it there and came back with it. During one of the Tuesday services, the evil spirits were manifesting saying that they wanted the ring so that they could work on it and destroy our marriage.

I was kidnapped

On Monday 05 October 2015, I woke up and I went to Eastgate mall to register for a certain course. When I was on the way I noticed that there was a car that was following me. When I got off the taxi, the car was behind the taxi, but I just ignored it. The same thing happened on my way back home. I got off the taxi and while I was walking home, I stood by the traffic lights wanting to cross to the other side. Two men came and stood beside me, I then saw a car, a Toyota Avanza standing before me. When I was about to cross the road, the car started moving slowly and when I moved one step forward one of the men who were beside me pretended to fall. When I tried to help him, he grabbed me with the help of the other one and they put me inside the Toyota Avanza.

I tried to scream, but it happened so fast that people did not notice. They showed me an injection and told me that if I tried to scream or bother them they would inject me. I could not see anything because they had made me lie on their laps and they covered me with plates they were eating from. There were five of them in total, two from Malawi and two who attended a false church in Polokwane and another Venda man with dreadlocks. They insulted and tortured me throughout. After we drove for a long time, they stopped and got off the car. I looked at the plates they were eating from and realised that they were eating raw meat. Two of them attempted to rape me, but while they were busy undressing, one of them looked into my handbag and found Pastor Mukhuba’s UBN sticker. He showed it to the other men. They then ran to the bushes as if somebody was beating them. They looked very confused. Then they went back into the car, put everything back into my bag with the exception of my ring and they drove me back to where they had found me and dropped me off there.

Evil deeds of the royal family exposed

On the 11th of August 2015 when undergoing deliverance, I saw my family members from the royal family with the ancestral bones. They said for two weeks there was a smoke coming out from the ancestral hut, where the ancestral bones were placed. They had called a witchdoctor to find out what was going on and the witchdoctor said I was burning their things. He told them that he could not access me because of the black box (referring to the UBN decoder) that I received from Pastor Mukhuba. The witchdoctor then ran away and said he could not help my family take my spirit anymore because he dreamt of a lion telling him to stay away from me. They had called another witchdoctor, but he had also failed. He could not call out my name in their altars because my name was burning their things and he also ran away. They hired a third witchdoctor to perform a yearly ritual in December 2015, but the ritual did not go well because their things were not working. The third one also ran away.

The royal family was losing its wealth

My family members started complaining saying that they were losing their wealth because of me. One of my uncles who had three cars does not have even one now. One of his cars was stolen at a mall and the other two were repossessed. One of my cousins went to a tavern and when he went out, his car was gone. He also lost his house because it turned out that he did not buy the house from the legal owner. My other uncle who was supposed to be a chief lost a whole herd of cows, they went to a field for grazing and they all died.

I was supposed to be sacrificed for muti

It was said I had a special gift when I was young because I would see things like snakes, I would even see things before they happened. I saw accidents, people’s death before they happened. Even when someone was pregnant, I would know the sex of the child before the baby was born. I would even see witches when they were coming to bewitch. My uncles from my mother’s side were very protective of me, they did not want anything bad to happen to me. I did not understand the reason behind. I later discovered that they were protective of me because they were waiting for the right time to kill me and use my body parts to strengthen the chieftaincy of my uncle once he got inaugurated as Chief.

On the 30th of October 2015, I was feeling very sick and I started vomiting. I first vomited wool, then a worm and something that looked like an ancestral bone. In the early hours of the following day, I was very weak and I could not do anything. I fell out of my bed and when my husband tried to wake me up, I could not wake up. While I was down, I had something like a dream where I saw my mother’s family members coming to me. I ran away and they were chasing me with a rod. I ran until I got to Unity Fellowship Church, then they found me and tied me up. At that time, they started fighting with the Unity Fellowship Church members who were at the church, but the members were able to rescue me and those people ran away. Then I was able to wake up and the Lord had saved me.

The Chief was supposed to be inaugurated in December 2015, but it got cancelled. My mother’s family members had gone to Malawi in preparation for the inauguration, but most of them died there. During the Crossover service, the evil spirits manifested that they went to Malawi in order to find a way to sacrifice me. However, when they got there they were swallowed by a snake. Now the family members who are still alive are complaining that people are dying one by one at the royal family and it is all because of me. They requested that I must go back home, but I refused. My brother even called a meeting in Germiston where I was supposed to attend, but my father warned me not to go and I did not go. My family members started calling me and telling that what I was doing was wrong. They said I had to leave the satanic church, referring to Unity Fellowship Church.

Words of encouragement

Our God is the Living God. In whatever situation that you might be in, surrender it all to the Lord. God loves us all and He is able in each and every situation. I came across different kinds of hardships where even my own family had abandoned me, but by the grace of God, I was relieved from my sufferings. “For my help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:2) There is nothing impossible with God. Come to Jesus and He will rescue you. I was supposed to be dead by now, but the Lord rescued me with His righteous right hand, He is my defender and my hiding place.