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My daughter’s miraculous healing from cancer

Beatrice discovered that her daughter’s underwear was missing and her daughter Keisha fell ill immediately after that. The sickness grew worse and Keisha was later diagnosed with cancer. Beatrice got her deliverance at Unity Fellowship Church under Pastor Mukhuba during a healing and deliverance service in 2014; little did she know that her daughter was getting healed the same time she was being delivered at the church. This is her story:

Beatrice Mhango (28), from Blantyre, Malawi, is the last born of seven siblings. She, together with her siblings, was raised by her mother since their father battled with an illness for years which later claimed his life in 1995. She grew up in a Christian family where no ritual or cultural beliefs were practiced as other African traditions normally dictate. Beatrice completed her high school education in Malawi before coming to South Africa to further her tertiary education where she obtained a National Diploma in Office Administration at Quest Computer College in 2014.

How her suffering began

After completing her diploma, she worked as a Secretary Assistant for a Johannesburg based clothing company. At the time, she had moved in with the father of her seven-year-old daughter, Keisha, in Spruitview, where they lived in cohabitation. Later in her relationship, her boyfriend started cheating and physically abused her until they separated. Due to unforeseen reasons, she lost her job at the clothing company but later found a job as a domestic worker, working for her sister for two years to support her daughter. Beatrice moved to Katlehong, where she is currently staying with her daughter.

At this point in her life, Beatrice was under so much stress and disappointment, she turned to alcohol for relief. Drinking daily and neglecting her parental duties as a mother, she moved in with a friend who had shown affection towards her daughter. When her friend left for a trip to Mozambique, Beatrice noticed that one of her daughter’s underwear was missing, but she dismissed the thought, thinking it might be somewhere in the house. Little did she know that this would be the beginning of pain and suffering for little Keisha.

In March 2014, Beatrice was startled by a bloodcurdling scream, which emanated from her bathroom; it was Keisha! She sprung up and attended to the scream and found Keisha in agonizing pain. Her daughter was bleeding from the anus and there was an intestine-like looking organ hanging from her anal colon. Beatrice immediately rushed her daughter to Ramokonopi Clinic. There, she was told to change her daughter’s diet; leaving her puzzled. A week later the intestine looking organ hanging from Keisha’s rear became bigger and even more painful. After a second visit to the clinic, she was referred to Natalspruit Hospital, then to Baragwanath Hospital where she was to undergo surgery. However, she did not take her daughter to Baragwanath, because some relatives of hers instilled fear in her, claiming that no one had ever been operated in Bara and made it out alive.

Because she was so vulnerable and still confused, Beatrice believed these claims made by her relatives and never took her daughter for the procedure she so desperately needed. All this time, her daughter, Keisha was going through agonizing pain. The ingrowth had become bigger and the hospital had advised her to push it back in whenever it protruded. Keisha experienced excruciating pains that forced her to sleep with her legs apart. She was constantly crying due to the severe pain.

Resorting to consulting a witchdoctor and false prophet

In desperation, and not being able to stand the pain her child was going through, she was prompted to consult a witchdoctor who gave her muti to put in the child’s porridge. When this did not help her daughter, she went on to consult with a false prophet who gave her three 2 litre bottles of bewitched water, isiwasho (usually tap water, river water, fresh water to which salt has been added, or sea water mixed with ashes; used to supposedly wash the negative forces off the body). Each container had its own use; one for bathing, the other for drinking and the third one for making porridge. All this did not help the child in any way. The same false prophet advised her to buy snuff (tobacco intended for consumption by being inhaled or sniffed into the nose) and traditional beer (Umqombothi).

She was instructed to bath with the traditional beer and take the snuff to a four-way stop, to appease ancestral spirits. She performed this ritual, but astonishingly, she lost her job with no pay in a few days! One day, while Keisha visited her father, the intestine looking thing came out again. Her father immediately drove her to meet with Beatrice, hoping she could push it back inside, but all their efforts were in vain. Their last hope was taking Keisha to a hospital. When they arrived at Baragwanath, the doctors also failed to push back the intestine growth back into Keisha’s rectum.

She was immediately admitted to the hospital to remain for one month while tests were done on her to determine the cause of her condition. A week after being discharged, Keisha’s stomach started to grow big, hard and hot, until she was re-admitted. Tests were then done. Results revealed cancer cells and a liver biopsy had to be carried out. In 2014 after another liver test, it was confirmed that Keisha had cancer. When the treatment started, Beatrice was advised to take the child out of school as she had to be isolated and also stay in hospital.

How Beatrice came to know Unity Fellowship Church

While her daughter was in hospital, Beatrice met Sister Terry on one of her regular visits to see her daughter. Sister Terry worked in the ward where Beatrice's daughter was. Beatrice was invited to Unity Fellowship Church (UFC) in February 2014 for the Tuesday service, but the child was unable to attend because of an infection. Pastor Mukhuba preached from John 5:1-18, which speaks about the healing of an invalid at the pool of Bethesda. During prayer, Beatrice found herself in front and upon being prayed for, she mentioned that it was actually her daughter who was sick. Nonetheless, she was prayed for and delivered from evil spirits in the same service. When she went to the hospital, she found the nurse removing the tubes and machines and thereafter the child was discharged! A few days later the CT scan revealed that the cancer cells were gone! Coming back to church, Beatrice got the anointing oil and a fire sticker which she took to her home.

Every time the child was scheduled for an operation, it would be postponed. She was finally operated and a piece of her liver was taken for tests. Beatrice had applied anointing oil on the child’s stomach just before the operation was carried out. When the results came back, doctors discovered that the cancer was gone! Glory be to God, Jehovah Rapha! The doctors could not believe it. Ever since she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour, Beatrice's life has changed. She does not drink anymore. Two years after Beatrice and Keisha got their deliverance and healing, Keisha’s underwear was found at Beatrice’s friend’s house, who after returning the underwear became sick and died (the same friend Beatrice had moved in with).

Beatrice’s advice to other young women:

Never make rushed decisions while stressed. Give all your problems to God by kneeling down in prayer. Witchdoctors and false prophets will never help you, but our God is the Healer. My daughter is completely healed now!!