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I was initiated as a sangoma by a snake in my dreams.

We learn in the book of Ecclesiastes 3 that there is a time for everything here on earth. This verse teaches us that God is the one who determines and arranges everything concerning our lives. As mortal beings, we do not have control over a lot of things that happen around us. But God is Omnipotent and He is the one who knows our destiny irrespective of who we are or where we come from. Mrs Nyeleti Mathebula’s life was unbearable until she came to Unity Fellowship Church under the anointed servant of God, Pastor Mukhuba. Here she shares the turmoil and the hardships she went through in her life until a time when she had an encounter with the Almighty God at Unity Fellowship Church who changed the course of her life and that of her family. This is her story.

Family Background

My name is Nyeleti Mathebula. I was born in Giyani, Limpopo, at a village called Basani. My father has three wives and my mother is the third wife. I am the fourth born from my mother’s side who had ten children, but two passed away. One passed on at birth and the other one fell ill and died. Overall, we were 17 children in number from my father. Things were not easy growing up in such a big family and the fact that my mother was the third wife made it worse because most of the things in the family were controlled by the elder wife, even matters concerning food. My mother then got her own house when I was about twelve years of age, but she never separated with my father and they are still together. I did both my primary and high school at Basani village where I matriculated. I did short courses with Damelin College and also with UNISA after matriculating, but I later dropped out.

Religious Background

I grew up in a family that went to a well-known cult church whose headquarters are in Polokwane. I was told that I am a chosen child at church and because of that, I had to be baptised and serve in the church as a false prophet. I was also told that I had to initiate as a sangoma for the “spirit” I had was too much. I started the processes of being initiated as a false prophet when I was in grade 9. All these things affected my studies for I was expected to wake as early as twelve midnight and pray. Furthermore, I also had to drink tons of water and self-induce myself to vomit all the water. This was not just ordinary tap water but water drawn from a stream as required by the church. I sometimes had to walk long distances to fetch this water because I only had to draw the water from the streams recommended by the church. When I went to Johannesburg, I was even sent as far as Magalies River to draw water and the place was very scary for I would even close my eyes when drawing the water from the river. I was told that these routines were a requirement for I had to cleanse my spirit and they were also a preparation for the office of being a ‘prophet’ plus they were going to help me to do my job effectively.

Customs while entering the church premises

Each time a person entered the church premises, there were certain three papers that were burned and had to be circled around the person, and this was done for it was said that the “spirit” would be able to work efficiently on everyone entering the church. I always experienced a very sharp pain on my spine whenever I arrived at church and I was told that it was normal because I was not yet permitted to practice as a false prophet as I was not yet baptised, thus, the pain indicated that the “spirits” of the church were operating in my life although I was not allowed to use them as yet.

Calling God’s name got me into trouble at church during prayer

As young as I was, I did not know what was expected of me during prayer time at midnight for I would pray calling the name of the Living God. This, however, got me into trouble at church for I would be called by other senior false prophets while at church and be told that I should call the name of the founder of the church whenever I prayed, not the true Almighty God. I then realised that I did not have a choice and I eventually ended up calling the name of the founder of the church, not the true God whenever I was praying. Also, I was told to incorporate into my prayers my forefathers as well as the forefathers of the founder of the church every time I prayed.

Ancestral rituals were not prohibited at church

Ancestral rituals were highly encouraged and allowed though the senior false prophets would not say it openly when recommending them. It reached a point where I was told that the “spirit” I had was too much, thus, there was a fight between the ancestors from my father’s side and my mother’s side as well as the ancestors from the founder of the church. I was told that the spirit of false prophecy was from my maternal grandparents while the spirits of being a sangoma were from my late paternal grandparents. As a result, an ancestral ritual was supposed to be done for me to appease these “spirits” so that they could release me to enable me to pursue the false prophet route.

I was scheduled to go to a mountain for prayer

I was once prophesied that I had to go to a cave on a certain mountain to pray. It was believed that it was only the high ranked false prophets who were permitted to go there. My mother kept on postponing when I was supposed to go and it eventually reached a point where she refused me going there. My mother refused because she feared for my life as I was told that I had to be serious with my prayer while I was there. It would happen that I might not come back home alive for it was believed that there was a snake that stayed at that mountain.

Sudden eyesight problems

I started having eyesight problems when I was in grade 11 because it would be difficult for me to see what was written on the chalk board. This problem started when I was about to write my exams. I was on my way to school with my schoolmates when a mysterious tree appeared in my face and hit me in my eyes and I bled profusely. What was strange was that we were walking on a clear path with no trees and the tree appeared out of nowhere. I still do not understand how that incident actually happened even today for I was walking far from the bush. I was told upon consultation at church that this happened because I was not adhering to the instructions required of me as a false prophet and that I was not being serious about my duties, so the god of the church was furious with me, hence the reason why I was going through difficult times.

I was told that I was disobedient that is why I failed at school

All those routines of waking up in the early hours of the morning left me feeling fatigued most of the time, hence I failed to do most of the duties I was expected to do at church, What made it worse was the fact that I was expected to go to school as well. I then failed grade 11 and I was told at church that I failed because I was disobedient. Now that I know Christ and see the light, I believe that one gets brainwashed in that church because I indeed felt like the god of that place was angry with me and all that made me feel like I had failed the church.

One did not have to eat just anything

As a false prophet, I was only allowed to bath with water from the stream mixed with different kinds of teas and I was only expected to use soap that was prayed for at church. I then had to apply Vaseline from the church that had the name of the church branded on it. Moreover, as a prophet, I was told not to eat sugary food stuff and also not to eat food with salt. Eating beef was also forbidden because it was believed that I would contaminate myself with it causing the “spirit” in me not to work effectively. The only meat I was allowed to eat was chicken but without salt, as well as cabbage. Furthermore, I was ordered not drink soft drinks at all, but as a school kid, I would eat and drink what I wanted at school for I knew no one was supervising me. What was strange though was that I would find myself having my periods each time I drank coke regardless of whether I had been on my periods a week or days before drinking that coke.

I had to ask for forgiveness by throwing a R2 coin

I thank God because I never got baptised in the church and I never bought the uniform as instructed. The prophets would however always tell me that the god of the church was angry for I did not listen and I did not want to do what was required. I was then told at church that I should go to the headquarter church in Polokwane and I had to throw a R2 coin into a certain hole next to a window that was so black that one could not see through it. I then had to ask for forgiveness while I was there from the god of the church and I would be forgiven. Nothing changed in my life even after throwing the coins into the hole.

Matrimonial Background

I got married in 2003 and I have two children. I was still going to the same church even after I got married. Before we met, my husband had grown up in a Christian church but he left the church and also attended the same cult church I was attending. When we met he was not going to any church. He smoked a lot and he was a heavy drinker. I continued going to the same cult church and life continued to be messed up. My husband and I never liked witchdoctors but we ended up consulting one after trying to conceive so many times to no avail. The witch doctor we consulted gave us “muti” that looked like oil and it was black in colour. What seemed strange with this “muti” was that each time we applied it it was as if lightning was striking in our room.

I had to bath with water mixed with chicken blood and milk

My husband and I became convinced that the “muti” was probably working because of what was happening whenever I was applying it. We then went to consult a false prophet who prepared a mixture of milk and chicken blood for me to bath with. The false prophet then took us to a mountain where she bathed me with that mixture in an open area in the afternoon. I then conceived with my first child in 2006 and because I did not know much about the things of God, I then concluded that the things of the witchdoctor and the false prophet worked for I had conceived.

I was told that my son cried for a name

My son became very restless after birth for he would cry a lot and I was told that he was crying for a name, and he was tormented by my mother’s spirit. He was then given my mother’s name, Mphephu. I was then taken to a witchdoctor who removed something called “rigoni” which I was told was too much and it would kill me and also kill my son. Fearing for my life and that of my son, I agreed to the procedures. I was suffering from piles after pregnancy and they cut a bit of my flesh from the piles and burned it. They then cut my son on the back of his head as well. Then they took his blood and mixed it with the ashes of what the burned from the piles. I was told to sprinkle it in his food each time I gave him porridge to eat. I honestly did not do all those things for they all seemed creepy to me.

I did not have my periods for about 4 years

I had excruciating pains after the witchdoctor cut me on the piles and I was not able to sit properly. After the cutting, I did not see my periods for about 4 years. When the periods finally came, the menstruation blood would come out from my anus instead of from my vagina. I did not even have the urge to consult medical professionals because of this and people did not even believe me when I told them. The name my son was given started having control in his life for my son started behaving strangely when he was about 3 years of age. He would even wear “xibelani” and he would dance while everyone would be applauding him, calling him by my late mother’s name and this made him be very excited as he would dance more as if controlled by something.

Dreaming being under the water

There came a time where I had to go and initiate as a sangoma, but my husband and my parents did not agree. It got to a point where I started dreaming of myself being initiated in the water by a big snake and a certain old man who was dark in complexion and wore a hat. The snake would sometimes be beating the drums and at other times, it would be showing me how I was going to work as a sangoma. This was a recurring dream for I had it every day to a point where the whole initiation process got completed in my dreams. It got to a point where I saw myself collecting the bones which sangomas use after the initiation process is concluded. I would collect these bones in a certain cave. However, the bones would fall and scatter while I was walking and holding them.

The dream explained

I decided to seek counsel from a certain woman who was also a sangoma because I was confused by this dream and I could not understand what it meant. The woman told me that she really envied me because I was indeed chosen as she was not even at a stage I was in as a sangoma, meaning that I would be a very prominent sangoma if I chose to initiate. Moreover, she said that the reason those bones were falling and scattering in my dreams was because I was refusing to be initiated as a sangoma. I told my parents about the old man in the dream and I was told after describing the old man that he was my maternal grandfather for there was a history of witchdoctors from my mother’s side. My maternal grandfather was never initiated as a witchdoctor but he used to consult witchdoctors a lot and he practised as a sangoma himself though he was never initiated as one.

Coming to Unity Fellowship Church

I started visiting Unity Fellowship Church in 2010 after seeing Pastor Mukhuba on OMEGA TV. I then attended a Sunday service and I got my deliverance the very first day I came to church. I then attended the night prayer. My deliverance did not happen overnight for those things from my past would fight. Those dreams I used to have of seeing myself in the water being initiated by a snake and a certain old man came more often while I was attending the services at Unity Fellowship Church. I became very confused because I would also see myself in the spirit attending the services at the cult church I used to go to when I manifested with evil spirits. I would also see the founder of the church looking very angry asking me why I left the church. I did not understand that I was going through deliverance. I persevered and I really thank the teachings of the word of God I received from Pastor Mukhuba as well as the counselling. I am really grateful that Pastor Mukhuba prayed for my deliverance as today I am delivered from the torments of the devil and his false church whereas everything I had tried before had failed.

My husband’s miraculous healing

My husband has a business of installing DSTV and one day he fell off a ladder at work while working on the second floor. He broke his arm and leg. He was admitted to hospital. I continued going to church and praying and he was discharged after two weeks. Doctors could not believe that his fractures only took two weeks to heal, but he was using crutches to aid him while walking.

Turning point in my husband’s life

One day in 2011 while watching TV, my husband told me that he wanted to go to Unity Fellowship Church and I could not believe my ears. After the service, he swore he would not come back to Unity Fellowship Church. However, what amazed me was that the following Sunday he told me that he was going with me to church. He stopped drinking alcohol and eventually stopped smoking with the help of the teachings he got from the pulpit.

The Lord is Jehovah Rapha

My husband and I volunteered to be ushers at Makwarela stadium when Pastor Mukhuba went there on a crusade in 2012. While busy ushering, my husband felt a very sharp pain on the very same leg that got broken after falling at work, and the leg made some rattling sound and he concluded that his leg was going back to the state of being broken. Little did he know that his leg was actually getting healed permanently and the leg has been fine since that day.

God has changed things in my family

My life and that of my family have changed since going to Unity Fellowship Church. My husband and I used to have a fear of the unknown, but that has changed since we joined Unity. Moreover, God did not only change my life but He also changed the lives of my siblings. Four of my siblings attend Christian churches, three of them go to Unity Fellowship Church with me and the other one attends a Christian church at home in Limpopo. My husband and I have embraced the vision of Unity Fellowship Church of winning souls to the Kingdom of God and our home has become exactly that.

People who come to our house do not go out the same way they came as they get to know what the Lord is doing in our lives and that has worked a lot for people to get to know the true Living God. I used to have dreams where I would receive results that I had failed at school and I would indeed fail in the natural realm. Pastor Mukhuba once made an altar call for those who dream that they had failed and I got my deliverance. I then passed at college and I even got a distinction in one of the subjects I was registered for. I now have my periods normally and the menstruation blood comes out from my vagina instead of my anus. God has blessed us with our second child and I did not even struggle to conceive as before going to Unity Fellowship Church.

Words of encouragement

If God can transform my life, He can also change yours, all you have to do is remain steadfast with the things of God for there is nothing that is impossible with Him.