Ms. Jacobeth Leballo had been experiencing cardiac and lower abdominal pains since the morning of Tuesday 15th June 2021. She did not understand what was happening in her body as it was strange, and she had never experienced such pains before. The pains were severe but she persevered and attended the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service believing that God would heal her of all the pains. Additionally, she was hearing sounds over her ears. When she entered the gate of Unity Fellowship Church, the pains subsided. During the service, the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba referred to Matthew 14:30 and she said some congregants have been tossed by the winds of life making their boats to be unstable. Pastor Mukhuba then made an altar call for people who were overwhelmed by problems that they were literally hearing winds or sounds blowing over their ears.
Ms. Leballo went to the altar and Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her and rebuked the winds. She received her healing as she was being prayed for, and the sounds stopped immediately. When Pastor Mukhuba instructed the congregants to examine themselves of any pain in their bodies, Ms. Leballo examined her body and felt that the lower abdominal pains had miraculously disappeared. The stinging pain she had on her heart had disappeared. When Pastor Mukhuba called all those who were sick to the fore, Ms. Leballo ran to testify about the goodness of the Lord upon her life. She is completely healed, and we thank the Almighty God for His mercy.