Mrs Matshepo Monare grew up in a family that consulted witchdoctors. They lived a stagnant life, and her children have also inherited the family curse and were also stagnant. They could not sleep in her house because there were things that were moving on the roof and making noise. Mrs Matshepo and her children were tormented by a spiritual husband and there were things that would choke them when they tried to sleep.

They had nothing to show for the money they were earning and money often disappeared in the house. Her first born daughter graduated with a tertiary qualification in 2013, but she could not secure employment. Two of her sons fought a lot about everything. Prior to watching Pastor Mukhuba teachings on UBN, Mrs Monare was suicidal. While watching UBN channel, the teachings encouraged her to visit Unity Fellowship Church. In March 2017, she came to Unity for the first time. She received counselling and she saw the Lord turning her life around.

She brought her sons to church and the Lord worked on their hearts because they stopped fighting. The evil spirits and the spiritual husband that were tormenting them stopped, money stopped disappearing, and even the noises on the roof stopped. On the 3rd of August 2017, her daughter was called for a job, and she is currently working there. Mrs Monare is grateful for the way the Lord has worked in her family.

Are you suffering from a similar oppression? Do you experience torments from spiritual husbands? You need the Lord to deliver you. Brethren, God is the only one who can change your life. Believe the Lord for your miracle and you shall also testify!