In 2011 Ms Bathobile Ngwenya visited another church, where she was given a prophecy by some false prophets from the church. She was told that she would have a baby and her maternal grandfather would be the father of the child. She was shocked by that prophecy because her grandfather has passed on already. Indeed, she fell pregnant in 2012, but then the child passed on two days after birth.

She then started feeling some movement in her tummy. That thing would also kick like a baby. She would feel baby movements each time she placed a hand on her tummy. She attended the Healing and Deliverance service on Tuesday the 09th of May 2017 at Unity Fellowship Church. During the service, Pastor Mukhuba preached from the book of Isaiah 49:24-26, and Mrs Bathobile took the message to heart.

Mrs Bathobile believed that she was going to be set free from her oppressors. On the same service, Pastor Mukhuba made an altar call of those who were having moving things in their bodies. Bathobile was amongst the people who were prayed for. During her deliverance, she manifested with an evil spirit that said it killed her baby. She got her deliverance that day, and she does not feel the movements and the kicking of things in her tummy anymore. She is completely delivered. She would like to thank the Lord for her deliverance.

Child of God, you do not have to live in suffering. Open your heart and allow the Lord to deliver you completely from the afflictions of the enemy in Jesus' name.