Margareth Mkhabela started coming to Unity Fellowship Church in 2014. Her 9 year old son started grinding his teeth in his sleep ever since he was young. He also used to be very scared around the house as he would see things that other people could not see.

On the 5th of May 2017, during the Breakthrough night prayer service, when Pastor Mukhuba graced the pulpit, her son started scratching himself and he even took off his shoes. He was receiving his deliverance because ever since that night, he is able to sleep peacefully without grinding his teeth, and he never got scared around the house ever again.

Secondly, Margareth also suffered. After getting married in 2006, she was tormented by bad dreams and she would woke up confused. She suffered from headaches most of the time. She started attending counselling sessions and her counsellor encouraged her to pray separation prayers.

During the Captives Shall Be Set Free night prayer which was held on the 07th of July 2017, she felt heat on her head and it was like something was coming out. Since then, she never suffered from bad dreams because the Lord delivered her. Receive your deliverance as you read this testimony in the name of Jesus.