Christopher Mukhuba started smoking daily in 2011. He used to smoke all kinds of cigarettes. In December of 2014, he started feeling something eating him in his stomach. That thing became worse whenever he ate meat. Whenever it started, he could feel it biting a part of his stomach and he would be in a lot of pain. During the course of 2017, he received deliverance at Unity Fellowship Church. The Lord released him from his smoking habits and delivered him from the thing that had been eating him inside. He is now free!

Brethren, we were not created to be slaves but to rule over everything on earth. Refuse to be a slave to the devil and his tools. Refuse to be a slave to addictions. Refuse to be a slave to things that move in your body or bite you. Life in Christ is a life of freedom! May you also receive your freedom in the name of Jesus!