The devil deceived me by pretending to be God





The devil is a liar and the father of lies (John 8:44). Satan uses deceptions and lies to move people away from the ways of God. Dr James Ramoshaba was a victim of the devil’s lies until his encounter with the Lord Almighty. His persistence in seeking the true God yielded and still yields blessings in his life and the rest of his family. He is now prospering in his life, thanks to the grace of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

Family background

My name is Dr Refilwe James Ramoshaba. I am 40 years old. I have an identical twin brother and we are the eldest in the family followed by three younger sisters. I come from Ramodumo village in Bolobedu district of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. My twin brother and I were raised by a single parent, my mother. We were told that our biological father passed away when we were two years old. We were also told that after our father’s funeral there were a lot of arguments and fights and as a result, my mother had to return to her parents’ house.

My mother was a farm worker and in the long run, she had an affair with a driver that used to transport them to the farm. She moved in with this man as a second wife and in 1981, our sister, Cecelia was born. During that time, my twin brother and I were under the care of our grandparents from our mothers’ side. My mother stayed with this man for a couple of years but the relationship did not work out. She returned to her parents’ home, got a stand in the same village and that’s where she resides to this day. My mother then worked at a farm close to the village and sold umqombothi (African beer) in order to earn a living. She got into a relationship with another man in the same village and had two children, born in 1989 and 1993. A week after my youngest sister was born in 1993, my grandmother passed away and the cause of her death is still unknown. My mother is not a born-again Christian and she does not even know how to pray. Growing up, my family used to perform rituals and talk to the ancestors. Idol worshipping is still practised in my family today.

Educational background

When my mother was away, our maternal grandmother, the one who passed away in 1993, took care of us. She wanted us to be educated so she encouraged us to go to school. She paid our fees from primary right up to secondary school. My last born sister, Mosibudi, was named after my grandmother because they said she cried for that name. During my primary and secondary years, I excelled greatly. I always came out top of my class. My twin brother and I were well-behaved at home and at school the teachers liked us very much. I passed matric, but the symbols I obtained in physical science and mathematics were not what I expected. My expectations were much higher for those two subjects. In 1999, I enrolled at a Teacher’s training college called The Mathematics Science and Technology College (MASTEC), for a four-year diploma and studied teaching for two years. At that time Limpopo Province had bursary opportunities for learners who had passed Matric with good symbols in Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology and English and to those who wanted to further their studies in teaching. By the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, I was given this opportunity.
 In 2001 when I was supposed to further my studies, I became very sick and I was admitted at Parktown hospital. I was diagnosed with malaria. I recovered that same year but because the matric class of 1999 was the last intake at the College and I was already behind with classes,I had to drop out of the College. In June 2001, I registered at Pretoria Technikon, now Tshwane University of Technology, and studied for a three-year National Diploma in Electrical Engineering. I had a bursary that covered all my fees at the Technikon and in June 2003, I completed my studies and passed with flying colours. My third year was  practical training for a year, which I had to do at a company accredited to train students. I applied at different companies and attended interviews, which were successful, but I was never given the opportunity because I did not have a driver’s license.  This became a challenge because I had no one to assist me financially to get a driver’s license. I settled for part-time jobs with different companies and the work that I did was not even in line with what I had studied.

I lost interest in Engineering and instead studied medicine (MBChB) at MEDUNSA in 2005. I completed my studies in record time in 2010. I never failed any of my modules. In 2011, I worked in Limpopo Province as a medical doctor but I was still not a born-again Christian.

I married and divorced all in nine months

I got married in December 2012 and divorced the following year. My ex-wife was born in a family of 7 children, 2 boys and 5 girls. When I married her, she had a 16-year-old son and in our marriage, we had a son who was born in September 2013. I married into a family where the parents undressed in front of their children regardless of the children’s age or gender. Children in this family also undressed in front of the elders regardless of their age or gender. The problem was that according to this family, I was supposed to behave like them, but I told them my wife and I would not partake in that behaviour. We had a discussion with my ex-wife with regard to this matter and she told me that she would behave in whichever way she wanted. I had meetings with her family and the pastor where I fellowshipped concerning this behaviour and the family made it clear that nudity was their custom and I had to compromise. We could not continue with the marriage and we got divorced.

I searched for God in the wrong places

The first time I heard about the Lord Jesus Christ was when I was at primary school during religious education and my love for God began then. In 1990, a cult church was established in our village, just close to our home. My twin brother and I started attending that church and we eventually became loyal members of the church. We were baptized in that cult church. We stopped attending the church in 1994. I had friends at MASTEC who were born-again Christians who loved God. They invited me to a church and I would attend the services just to please them but my heart was not there and salvation did not make sense to me. Another friend of ours who had become a full member of another cult church invited us to attend that church. We attended the services and were taught that there are churches which were not of God, but of the devil. I became a full member of that cult church. I made friends in the church and we would encourage each other to read the bible and the church booklets. I eventually lost interest and I stopped attending the church when I was doing my second year at medical school. My friends who were born again also invited me to attend services at a campus ministry, especially on days when they invited speakers from outside.

I was choked in my sleep

I then attended the false church whose headquarters are in Polokwane because some of my neighbours and relatives attended that church. We were given teas and muti to drink and use. I attended this church when I was ill and when I sought to know about my future. In 1997, I developed abdominal cramps and discomfort and my body became weak. My neighbours told me about a traditional healer who was supposedly helping a lot of people. This traditional healer used to stay on a mountain, so I went and stayed with her for six months. There were a lot of rooms, but some people shared rooms. Each room accommodated approximately 10 people. This was a well-known sangoma who was known for looking into the past, the present and the future.

All of us who lived at the traditional healer’s compound on the mountain were treated like slaves. There were times when I made bricks out of clay. There were also times when I was told to go and herd cattle in the thick forest on the mountain. Life was very difficult there and there are nights I will never forget.  There were nights when I felt something choking me in my sleep. I would be woken up by somebody shouting the name of Jesus with a loud voice. I think this woman wanted to initiate me into ancestral worship but the angels of God would come and rescue me. The day I was released to go home, I went with some guys who were sent to strengthen my family. They put muti in the yard saying it would prevent tokoloshes from tormenting us. Things got worse and my problems persisted. I wasted six months of my time and money with a traditional healer who did not benefit me in any way but instead added more problems in my life.

My sleep tormented me

In my 2nd year of medical school, I realised that I slept a lot in class. I used to sit in front and I would sleep right in front of the lecturer. I would sleep during my morning and afternoon lectures. My lecturers and classmates thought I studied a lot at night. I consulted doctors and I was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder called narcolepsy. The sleeping problem continued even after medical school and I slept a lot at work, even when I operated on patients in theatre. My colleagues used to ask what I did during the night but I would dodge their questions.

The Witches and Familiar Spirits Visited Me at Night

When I started working as a medical doctor in 2011, I was still not born-again and most of my friends were not born-again either. Around June that year, I started having scary dreams. I dreamt of three naked white men lying down, trying to give me muti in a small transparent bottle to drink, but I refused to drink it. This muti looked like tea. It was a long scary dream. The men in the dream kept trying to convince me to drink their muti and I did not give in. They told me that if I drank the muti I would have everything I wanted in life. I was told I would be rich and not lack anything. I did not believe them so I refused to drink their muti. They were very disappointed and I even felt guilty. They gave up, stood up on their feet and started walking. I accompanied them and told them to come back some other time. They walked for a few meters and they changed into three black men. I woke up from the dream and I started praying. I prayed that the three witches who had visited me in the dream should never come back to me again.

Around October 2011, my cousin was hit by a car and he passed away at the scene of the accident. Just a day after his burial, I dreamt of him talking to me, and he was in my bedroom. From then on I dreamt of dead people and I thought I was in trouble with the devil. The dreams were so frightening that at times I would wake up with my heart pumping very fast. That is when I realised I needed God in my life. I became desperate for God because I knew He was the only one who could come to my rescue. At the end of November 2011, I decided to take leave at work so I could go to Soweto, to visit my sister to explain everything that was happening in my life. The plan was to walk around Soweto looking for a church where I could attend and get prayed for. I went to my sister with my twin brother.

How I got to know of Pastor Mukhuba

We got to my sister’s house in the evening around 7pm. I explained my situation to my sister and she, in turn, told us about Pastor Mukhuba. We watched Pastor Mukhuba on DVD and I knew in my heart that I had found the church I was looking for. My sister told us that the following day which was a Friday, the church would host the last night prayer for the year 2011. I was thirsty and hungry for God. I knew it in my heart that attending the service at Unity Fellowship Church would change my situation. Morning came and we went to Midway, Tshiawelo. At midday we were inside the church waiting for the service that was to start at 8pm. The Lord delivered me during that Night Prayer, and indeed, my situation changed completely.
All the evil dreams I used to have stopped after the Night Prayer and I could sleep in peace. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into my life during the Sunday service right after the night prayer at Unity Fellowship Church. I made the decision that going forward, I was going to live for God and God alone. The week after the Sunday service, we attended the midweek service which was on a Wednesday at 6pm, to thank and praise God for the good things He had done in our lives. I was able to attend all the services since I was on leave. 

The search for a church back home in Limpopo

My leave days ended and I had to go back to Polokwane, Limpopo Province, where I worked. I asked the people at church where I could find another ministry like Unity Fellowship Church in Polokwane and somebody referred me to a church in Polokwane.  I looked for that church and I found it towards the end of December 2011. This church was a prophetic church and the father of the house was the major prophet while the mother of the house was the prophetess. I fellowshipped there and eventually became a full member of the church because I believed it was a true church of the Living God.

In mid-2012, I became an armour bearer of the Prophet. In this church, we were told that the engine and the owner of the church is the Holy Spirit.  They taught us to grow spiritually so that our spiritual ears and eyes could be opened. They taught us that the “Holy Spirit” speaks and we must be sensitive to his voice when he speaks to us. We were also told to desire to hear “God” speaking and to hear and see in the spirit. We were also encouraged to desire the gift that the prophet of the house was operating with, which would, in turn, enable us to operate in the spirit realm. As the armour bearer of the prophet, I had a strong desire to be like him. I wanted a double portion of anointing from this prophet just like Prophet Elijah and Prophet Elisha. I had a strong desire to prophesy with my eyes open and my eyes closed more than this prophet could after receiving the double portion of the anointing.

The devil played on my desire to hear God

I stayed very close to the prophet; I would eat and travel with him most of the time. The spirit told me that wherever the prophet went, I should go with him. Sometimes when the prophet planned on going somewhere, the “spirit” would show me where the prophet was going. This spirit would say to me “My son is travelling alone and there is no one to help him”. I would call him and he would confirm that he is travelling. I would quickly take my car, hurry to wherever he was, and join him in travelling. I started hearing soft voices and this got me very excited because I thought I was hearing from the Almighty God. My desire to hear from the Lord increased and the voices became intense. I could hear and see things in the spirit. I was excited that I was growing spiritually and approaching the level that the senior prophet was in and I desired more and more of this prophetic gift.

At that point in time, the spirit was talking to me frequently. This spirit gave me instructions and I obeyed all of them without fail. The more I obeyed these instructions, the better the relationship became with the spirit, and the more instructions I got. I was excited that I was a friend of God just like Abraham was. I felt so proud of myself and I told myself that I was the Moses and Abraham of this generation. The problems started in the second half of 2015. One night around September 2015 while I was praying at around 1am, the “Holy Spirit” instructed me to give the prophet R6000.00. I needed the money for other things, but after that prayer, the spirit told that if I did not give the prophet of the house the money, I would not be blessed and I would not progress in life. I knelt down and prayed asking God for forgiveness for questioning the offering. At the same time, I was excited that “God” was directing me on how to give according to His will.

The evil spirit made me give away everything

I offered the R6000.00 and in the evening this spirit told me that my operation in the spirit had increased to dimension number 15. In the previous months, the prophet had preached about spiritual dimensions and this was something that we desired as a church. I was excited about my spiritual growth and maturity and that my operation in the spirit was approaching the level of the major prophet. The spirit realised that I was obeying all its instructions so it began instructing me to give away my money and my belongings. I would give away all my money till I even had no money for petrol. I would take a taxi or hike to work or church. I had two refrigerators, a big one and a small one and I was told to give away the small one. I gave away a video camera, irons and other things. I would give away food, meat, drinks, fruits, and so on and I would remain with no food in the fridge.  This spirit was troublesome and it would demand a lot of things. Everything I was instructed to do, I did it to the best of my ability, but after doing those things, this spirit would always point out something and say I did not do it correctly. Immediately after that, I would kneel down and pray for forgiveness from this spirit. The thought of being rebuked by the “Lord” terrified me, so I would always ask for forgiveness because I thought I was dealing with the true Holy Spirit.

The evil spirit showed me my funeral

Every time I disobeyed the instructions from this spirit it would tell me that it was leaving me and I would remain with no God in my life. It told me that I would fast and pray and I would not get any breakthrough in my life.  I would have dreams and not get the revelation of the dreams. I was told I would never hear the Holy Spirit speaking to me again because I was stubborn and difficult to deal with.  The spirit said I was forgiven many times, but I never changed and that I was not intending to work on my salvation. It said hell was waiting for me because blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable (Matthew 12:31). This spirit would give me dreams and visions that showed my fate. At times, it would show me people attending my funeral.

In the vision, I would see many people that I knew mourning for my death. I would kneel down and pray for forgiveness. Then after praying, the spirit would say to me, “If people are able to kneel down and lie before people like King Mswati and Queen Modjadji, what about us who are the gods of this earth? No, James you can do better than this.” Then I would lay down and start praying again, asking for forgiveness. I would pray for 16 hours at a go and then the spirit would say, “Now we have forgiven you, so you should obey us.”

The evil spirits abused and tortured me

In each and every communication with this devil, I recognized three different voices. I believed that one of the voices belonged to the Lord God and the other voice to Jesus Christ and the third one to the Holy Spirit. Every time this demon spoke to me, I could distinguish whether it was “Jehovah” speaking or “Jesus Christ” or the “Holy Spirit” speaking. If I did or said something that this spirit did not like, it would cause me to sleep and then beat me up and torment me in a dream. When I woke up from the dream, the spirit would tell me that it beats up and kills and it will kill me.
I would be shown dead people and be told that it killed those people and would kill me as well. The spirit said that even if I gather all of my family members, they could never stop it and no one could rescue me. I lived in fear and torment and I could not tell anyone about it. I lost a lot of weight and the situation was unbearable for me. The spirit controlled even my eating. I was not allowed to eat much and I was expected to eat a chicken drum stick over days. I regretted my ‘salvation’ and felt that those who were not born-again were living a much better life. I told myself that God created me so He could punish, torture and kill me any time He wished to. I would sit down and acknowledge everything and not report anything that was happening in my life to anyone because no one can report or fight against God. I was left with no choice but to obey so that I could, at least, continue to live and later inherit eternal life.

I was mandated to start a Satanic church

When I prayed, I would never complain about the daily torture because I knew that once I mentioned that, I would die. After each of the prayers, I would cry like a baby. There was a day that I cried and the spirit said, “Tell me when, where and how you want your funeral to be”? I did not answer and I kept quiet. After some minutes the spirit said, “I am still waiting for an answer”. I did not respond because I knew that there was power on the tongue and I did not want to kill myself. This spirit wanted me to marry a certain lady and together with her open a Satanic church. I was told to apply for a transfer from work and relocate to Lebowakgomo hospital. This spirit wanted me and this lady to open the church at Lebowakgomo. This spirit told me that people would see their operations on earth through me. I was very happy and excited to hear that because I was convinced that it was a true Holy Spirit of God operating through me. There were days when the spirit wanted to show me where people went after death but I would cry and pray, begging not to be shown those things.

I realised I had been deceived

The lady that the spirit wanted me to marry constantly argued with me about everything. She would tell me that the Holy Spirit said we should not give people money if we did not have enough.  I would tell her that it told me to give the last money I had to whoever it chose. This lady would tell me that she was not going to go with me to Lebowakgomo and I would tell her that God told me to go and work there. The things that this spirit was doing and saying to me were not in line with the Word of God and I eventually realised that I was not dealing with the real God but with evil spirits. I had been communicating with demons that used and abused me. I prayed and asked God for forgiveness for worshipping false gods.

I told this demon that it had deceived me and that I would never obey its instructions or bow down to worship it again. The demon was very angry and it threatened to kill me. I told this demon I would never die, but I would live to proclaim the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ and to expose it and its kingdom of darkness. After that the war with the kingdom of darkness started. When I tried to sleep, the demon would come and try to strangle me. I would wake up and pray and fight against it by the power of the blood of Jesus. The demon was always fighting and threatening to kill me and it gave me nightmares, but I would wake up and pray against those dreams.

The God of Unity Fellowship Church rescued me

I had stopped going to Unity where I received my salvation. That spirit made me choose between Unity and the church that I was attending in Polokwane. After choosing the other church, I had to get rid of the Unity Fire products. After realising that I had been deceived, I went to Unity Fellowship Church on Sunday the 18th October 2015 and Pastor Mukhuba prayed for me. My life changed completely and from then on I slept peacefully. I thank God for protecting and restoring my life and for delivering me. I see the Jubilee blessings upon my life. The house that the demon did not want me to have is now registered under my name and it is now rightfully mine. The Lord is restoring my finances and my life is prospering again. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for dying for my sins on the cross and for destroying the power of the devil through His death.
I thank our spiritual mother, Pastor Mukhuba, for the word that she teaches us at Unity Fellowship Church. It is through these teachings that I now understand that the spirit that was initiating me to be a false prophet is a familiar spirit. I now know that many false prophets are agents of those familiar spirits and these demons show them things about peoples’ lives.  If it was not for the preaching of Pastor Mukhuba, the devil would have continued to deceived me like he did with my great grandparents. I thank God for revealing the truth through his servant, Pastor Mukhuba . Our forefathers were abused, tormented and killed by the demons who pretended to be their dead relatives.  The devil  is now masquerading as God, the Holy Spirt and Jesus Christ and he is deceiving many.

Advice to other people.

We are living in the end times. There are false churches and false prophets as the Lord Jesus Christ warned us in Matthew 24:24. The evil spirits easily make people their victims because they are desperate to hear God speaking. These demons give people voices and they become excited that they have heard “God” speaking to them. The demons communicate with you and give you instructions while ensuring that you adhere to them.  The kingdom of darkness studies you without you even knowing it. As you communicate with the demons, your relationship with all things evil intensifies.

The devil checks if you are aware of whom you are dealing with. Once he is sure that you are deceived into thinking that he or your dead relatives are God, and you revere him, he then advances. He establishes fear in your life and then he gives you instructions and torments you. You eventually obey all the instructions because you fear that the false gods or your ancestor/s will kill you if you do not obey. The devil will have succeeded in masquerading as God at this point and you will even worship him as your God or your ancestors.

When you worship the devil and obey instructions from the demons, hell will be waiting for you when you die. The devil is a liar and the father of lies (John 8:44). He will speak to you and make sure that you recognize him as the devil, then he will speak to you again and deceive you pretending to be God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. The devil does not have power (Hebrew2:14). The devil will instil a lot of fear in you and if you are without God or the knowledge of the Word of God in your life, he will kill you. Be vigilant and do not fall for the lies of the devil. People are easily deceived today because they love prophecies and they want to be told about their future. Be careful because I was going to be one of those powerful prophets who would tell you everything about your life but unfortunately I was getting the information from familiar spirits. Had the Lord not saved me, I would probably be running a big prophetic church now and many were going to be deceived.