Gladness Mbombi has two children with different fathers, and both fathers left her when she was pregnant. When she fell pregnant for the third time, the thought of having another child from a different father terrified her. She sought help from a local sangoma to help her terminate the pregnancy. The sangoma gave her muthi to drink which was supposed to help her to terminate the pregnancy. She vomited out the muthi after drinking it, and the pregnancy did not get terminated.

Gladness gave birth to a baby boy, and the boy cried from 10:45 pm to 4:00 am the next morning. No one knew what was wrong with him. When he was about one month old he started experiencing more problems. Every day at 8 pm, Gladness’s child would cry. Every time he cried, people would try to touch him in order to calm him down, but his body would be stiff.

He was mostly isolated while growing up because when he played with other children, he would be stiff if they touched him. He would lose consciousness and his body would be stiff. Gladness was always worried about her child because most of the time she would find him outside unconscious after being provoked by his friends. She could not help it, and as a result, she kept on blaming herself because she knew that his condition was caused by her drinking the muthi from the sangoma while she was pregnant.

She started coming to Unity Fellowship Church in 2015. She attended the 2017 Anointing service with her son, and he received his deliverance the same day after being anointed by the servant of God, Pastor Mukhuba. Since then, he never experienced body stiffness or crying at night, and now he plays well with other children. He is now living a normal life like other children.

Secondly, Gladness’ mother used to fellowship in a certain church. There was always a lot of conflicts between Gladys and her mother when she played the UBN channel at home. Her mother did not want UBN to be played in her house, and sometimes, she would even chase Gladness away from home if she dared play the UBN channel.
On 9 August 2016, Pastor Mukhuba prayed for the family members’ lists that she had requested the congregants to bring along with them when they came to church. Gladys had made a list, and her mother's name was on top of the list, and her prayer request was that her mother leaves the church she was fellowshipping at. God heard her prayer, and she received deliverance on behalf of her mother.

In January 2017, her mother told her that she did not want to go to that church, and she wanted to come to Unity with her. She started coming to Unity in February 2017, and since then, she never looked back.

Brethren, there is nothing that is too hard for the Lord. You may have made wrong decisions in the past that affected you and your children, but know that when you seek the face of the Lord, He will deliver you. Whatever situation that is not bringing peace in your family, receive the grace of the Lord and be restored.