Salamina Sekgole’s niece developed open sores inside her mouth that resulted in her constantly bleeding, as a result she was unable to eat. She was taken to the doctor where she was given the medication but it did not help. On the Night of Giving Birth Night Prayer in September 2017, Salamina got the UBN Holy Anointing Oil. Her niece drank the anointing oil for two consecutive days. After those two days, the sores were completely healed. She would like to thank the Lord for her niece’s instant healing.
Secondly, Salamina was unemployed. In November 2017, she attended the Changing Lives Night Prayer. After the service, Pastor Mukhuba requested those who stay in Pretoria to volunteer distributing pamphlets around Pretoria in preparation for the Saulsville outreach. Salamina stays in Soshanguve, Pretoria and she did not hesitate to respond to the call of working to advance the work of God and she distributed the pamphlets around Pretoria as the servant of God requested. Few weeks later, her aunt told her about a temporary job at her workplace. Salamina accepted the temporary job. On the first day on her job, the manager asked her if she will be interested working in their company on a full time basis since she is not working or studying. Salamina told him that she would think about it and give an answer the following day. The following day, the manager asked her the same question and she accepted the offer. She is now permanently employed. We thank the Lord who showed her so much favour after she dedicated her time towards the things of God.
Child of God, let your heart be wholly devoted to the Lord God. Sacrifice your time to Him and watch His blessings overflow in your life. May the Spirit of the Lord guide you so you can be wholly devoted to Him and focus on pursuing after His kingdom than the things of the world.