Most parents have challenges with their children’s behaviour as they grow through the different stages of their lives. Some of the things which children get involved in end up negatively shaping their adult life. Some children trust people who abuse them and are unable to speak about it or get away from such situations. The testimony of Ntevheleni Sadiki shows us that there is nothing which God cannot change especially when one humbles themselves and seek Him through fasting and prayer.

Ntevheleni Sadiki had a challenging childhood. She was sexually molested by a family relative at 12 years old. As a result, she suffered from torments of a spiritual husband and the spirit of masturbation. She would dream sleeping with different men and would literally feel such sexual encounters as they were happening. In the morning, her underwear would have semen showing that she indeed had sexual intercourse at night. Such encounters made her to become a very stubborn child. She had so much anger inside her that she would not even know how to properly talk to others, including her elders. She was always ready to attack people with rude words and was defensive. She developed a habit of lying in order to get herself out of trouble.

Moreover, Ms. Sadiki became a promiscuous teenager. When she was at high school, she began masturbating. This started with her private part being itchy and her touching herself in order to find relief from the itchiness. It grew into a habit and she would masturbate. If when watching a movie and she saw a male person she liked, she would sexually picture that person in her mind and masturbate. At the age of sixteen years old, Ms. Sadiki’s parents bought her a phone and she began to watch and was addicted to pornographic material from her phone. She enjoyed pornographic material where people would be having sexual intercourse with animals like dogs. She would be masturbating while watching such material.

Ms. Sadiki soon began fornicating with men who were older than her, including married men. She would go to an extent of searching for men on her phone to see who was available for sex. Different men would come and pick her and she would fornicate with them. She fell pregnant when she was in Grade 12 and gave birth to twins. She continued living in fornication and fell pregnant again by the same boyfriend. Having children did not stop her from being promiscuous or masturbating. These are behaviours she carried through to her adult life.
During the time when Ms. Sadiki found employment as a supermarket cashier, she began stealing from the company. She would steal money from the company on a weekly basis to get extra cash but would not see what she was doing with it or her salary. When she received a transfer to go and work at Bedfordview as a supervisor, this aggravated her stealing habits as she was the only experienced person in the store. She once authorized a refund of a “high-risk” item when there was no customer requesting for the refund and she took the money.
The Lord completely changed Ms. Sadiki’s life when she came to Unity Fellowship Church. Her immediate lifestyle change is proof enough that there is God at Unity. Ms. Sadiki came to Unity for the first time with her mother in 2017. In 2018, she joined the Unity 40 Days Fasting and Prayer seriously seeking God to change her life. She gave her life to Christ during the 2018 Unity 40 Days Fasting and Prayer. Ms. Sadiki took a straight seven days fast as she desperately needed God in her life.

In March 2018 after the fasting prayer, the management at Ms. Sadiki’s place of work discovered that she had been stealing money from the company and they called her to the office for an inquiry. She was informed of a footage showing her refunding a high-risk item and taking the money and also destroying the slip. They even remarked that it seemed like she was doing the same even from the previous store she worked in. Ms. Sadiki did not deny the charges against her but admitted to her wrongs and apologised for it. This is what encounter with God during 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer does to one. One becomes more like Christ and cannot continue in the evil habits that used to govern one’s life. Ms. Sadiki wrote a statement about her actions and it was sent to head office. She was consequently dismissed from work.
Ms. Sadiki attended godly counselling at Unity Fellowship Church where she informed her counsellor about all her life struggles and promiscuity. She informed her counsellor about her lying habits, stealing habits, fornication, masturbation and watching pornography. The counsellor gave her an assignment to read the Bible and to pray regularly. She continued attending church and listening to the teaching of the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba and the Lord through His grace delivered her from masturbating and watching phonographic material. She also stopped fornicating and was no longer tormented by the spiritual husbands that used to torment her.

Ms. Sadiki could no longer afford life as she was no longer working. She informed her landlord that she would be moving out and going back to Venda because she could no longer afford to pay for the rent. The grace of the Lord continued to work in her life and the landlord informed her that she must not leave but stay for free until she finds employment. October 2018 was a great month for Ms. Sadiki as it was a month where she was baptized and also found employment.

In 2019 again, Ms. Sadiki embarked on the 2019 Unity 40 Days Fasting and Prayer. During this fasting and prayer, Ms. Sadiki was thanking the Lord for changing her life and for blessing her with employment. Her new employment required her to be at work even during church service times. She brought this challenge before the Lord as she desired to always be in the house of the Lord during church services. During the First Tuesday Healing and Deliverance service of 2019, when Pastor Mukhuba was preaching, she mentioned that after Acts Chapter 2, there is Acts Chapter 3; after the Holy Spirit had come upon the Apostles, miracles started happening. When Ms. Sadiki heard this message, she felt excited in her spirit and did not understood why. She offered during that service and wrote a prayer request asking God to bless her with a job that would allow her to attend all church services. When she arrived at work the following day, her manager informed her that the company had a vacant position which he wanted her to occupy. She took the post and found out that it was the answer to her prayer. Her miracle as stated by the Servant of God had happened.
Ms. Sadiki’s testimony shows us that God answers prayers. If you are a parent who is praying for his or her wayward child, do not give up. Continue to fast and pray during this 2022 Unity Fasting and Prayer and the Lord will come through for you. If you need deliverance for yourself from the type of lifestyle that you had been living, take courage from this testimony and know that God will do even much great miracles for you. May the Lord bless you as you continue to humble yourself and seek Him through fasting and prayer. God bless you.