In 2005, Lungi Thabethe completed her diploma in finance, and since then she had never worked for a job she qualified for. It was very painful for her because she had been struggling to get a job where she would use her qualification. She started visiting Unity Fellowship Church in February 2011. In 2014, she became a full member of Unity and started attending church services regularly, and so she started listening to the teachings of Pastor Mukhuba. When she came to church, she would write her prayer requests asking the Lord to bless her with a promotion at her workplace.
On Sunday of the 5th of November 2017, she came to church and Pastor Mukhuba was teaching the congregants that receiving one blessing was not enough. After hearing that Word, she was touched by the Holy Spirit and was ushered to the altar. While she was at the front, she started dancing like crazy.
That week on Monday when she went to work, she found out that the Human Resources Officer of the company was looking for her. She then met the Human Resources Officer and she was given a letter which was stating that in 2018 she would be working in the finance department since she has done finance at school.
She would like to thank God for blessing her with the promotion at her workplace. She also wants to thank the servant of God, Pastor Mukhuba for her teachings and her prayers.
Beloved, Lungi has been promoted at her work place after struggling to get the promotion for many years. The same God who promoted Lungi at her workplace, He can promote you today because He is always able to do great things for those who love and trust upon Him. You need to trust the Lord today and He shall surely show Himself Holy to you, for He is faithful at all times. As you trust the Lord today, receive whatever you have been struggling to get in your life. May God bless you as you read and share this testimony for other people to see it!