NIKIWE NTSAPO had a problem with her feet which would ache and become itchy whenever she was at work. Her neighbor knew of Nikiwe’s situation and told her about Pastor Mukhuba. She decided to visit the church. She started attending services at Unity Fellowship Church in January 2017 during the 40 days fasting and prayer. On the day that she first attended service at Unity, during the service Pastor Mukhuba prayed against witchcraft in workplaces. While Pastor Mukhuba was praying, Nikiwe was then ushered to the altar where she received her deliverance. On Monday after attending the service, she went to work and felt no pain or itchiness. The Lord completely delivered her and she is grateful to God.

Secondly, her 18 years old sister was suffering from severe period pains and it would cause her to take medication. Her sister would be absent from school because of the pains. On the 28th of February 2017 during a Tuesday Healing and Deliverance service, Pastor Mukhuba preached about obedience to the Word of God. Pastor Mukhuba also taught the church that by faith they can move mountains and she prayed for those who were tormented by period pains. Nikiwe touched her stomach believing the Lord for her sister’s healing through her faith and she also called out her sister’s name while praying. After two days, her sister called informing her that she was menstruating and she had no period pains. Since then, her sister never experience period pains, she is completely healed.

Lastly, her 13 years old son had a problem with nose bleeding. One night while sleeping, he woke up bleeding and this time blood clots were coming out. This was strange because it had never happened before. He bled for more than an hour and he had bled at school the previous days. The bleeding was so severe that Nikiwe decided to call the UBN prayer line and she was encouraged. After the call, the bleeding stopped. She took her son to the doctor for checkup and everything was well. Since the 6th of September 2017, her son never experienced nose bleeding.
We serve a God who heals and delivers. Brethren receive your healing and deliverance wherever you are in the name of Jesus Christ.