Busisiwe Mukatu’s daughter Zethu was born in 2015. Two days after she was born, she had to be operated on because she had an infection. From then on she used to pass her stool in a bag connected to her intestine through her stomach. In August 2016 the doctor closed up her stomach and she started going to the toilet normally, however, she had a problem of loose stool. She was given medication to try and harden the stool but it did not help and she had to go to for check-ups every two months to ensure that her health was still under control. The young girl came with her mother to the Anointing Service on the 18th of February 2018 and when the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba arrived she prayed with the church and instructed them to call the fire seven times. After that prayer, Mrs Mukatu realised there was a foul smell where they were sitting and when she checked, Zethu’s diaper was full. When she went to change the diaper, she realised that her daughter had received her healing and had passed hard stool. We thank the Lord who healed Zethu in an instant.
Child of God, the Lord is the Healer of every disease. There is no sickness that is above the power of God. It does not matter how long you have been suffering for, believe the Lord with me for your healing and for your deliverance. My God shall do it for you, believe in Him.