Thembeni Makhunya from Cosmo City has been sick for three weeks, it started with her having tonsils and it affected her whole body. She went to the doctor and she was given medication, but nothing changed. The pain was so bad that she was struggling to walk on her own. She was taken to hospital where she was given a drip and medication again. The condition was bad because she could not even eat solid food for the period she was sick, she could only drink liquids. Although she went to hospital, her condition started to be worse because her hands and feet started to turn black. She would ask her children to rub her so that there could be some blood circulation. She decided to come to Unity Fellowship Church on Tuesday the 13th of February 2018, and it was during the 40 days fasting service. She could not attend the service since the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance service were closed because of the forty days fast. She decided to get the UBN Holy Anointing Oil at church. She ministered the Anointing Oil on her whole body. After applying the Anointing Oil, her feet and hands started to be better. She started feeling something moving in her legs and her arms.
She decided to attend the 2018 Anointing Service on the 18th of February 2018. She did not have enough money to hire a car to bring her to church, so she decided to use a taxi although she was struggling to walk. When she got off the taxi, she could not walk on her own anymore and a gentleman who was coming to church helped her to get to church. During the first intercession, she felt something moving on her left side of the neck and after the prayer she could not feel the tonsils anymore. She then decided to stand up on her own to feel her body and she realised that she was strong. She started walking and she could walk on her own. She was strong enough that she could even run. We give glory to God for healing her completely.
The Word of God says that by His stripes we are healed. It was all done for us at Calvary. May you receive your healing in all areas of your life in Jesus name!