Hajira Mandiwa would like to testify and boast about the goodness of the Lord in her life. The Lord has promoted her in an amazing way at her work place. She is currently working for the bank and annual increment contracts are only signed in August of every year. In August 2017, when she received her annual increment contract she was not happy with what the bank offered her. However, she did not complain to the Human Resources Department. She gave her increment amount as her first fruit offering and wrote a prayer request for a better increase on the offering envelope.

At her work place job titles are classified according to the bands and that is how salaries are ranged. Hajira was in a lower band when she embarked on the 2018 Forty days Prayer and Fasting in January 2018. On the 12th of February 2018, Pastor Mukhuba told the congregants that she had just signed important documents concerning Unity Fellowship Church. She declared that the congregants were also going to be enabled to sign important documents of their own. Afterwards Pastor Mukhuba asked the congregants to practise signing the documents and Hajira also practised signing. While she was signing, her hand became uncontrollable and she was signing precariously.

When she got to work on the 19th of February 2018, she received a call from the Human Resources Department requesting her to do certain assessments. She did not know what those assessments were for so she went to her manager for an explanation. Her manager told her that she had been fighting with the Human Resources Department to give her another increase because she deserved more than what she was offered in August 2017. By God’s grace, Hajira did the assessments and passed. After passing, they gave her a huge increase in February 2018. They also informed her that she will still receive her annual increase in August as per the bank’s policies. Moreover, she was also moved to a higher band level. In the banking environment where strict rules apply as per the bank’s policies, the Lord God of Unity intervened and caused Hajira to receive favour.