Mokondeleli Ravele was an alcoholic person from the time when she was a teenager. When she got married, she continued with her drinking habits in an uncontrollable manner. Mokondeleli has been married for eleven years, with four children. Every day after work, she would go and drink alcohol and return back home after 12 mid-night or around 2 a.m. She would abscond from work because she would be tired since she would have arrived home late or rather early morning. Whenever her husband rebukes her, she would be defensive and make excuses covering her bad habits. Even her children were afraid of her bad behaviour to such an extent that whenever she arrived back home, they would run away. Her seven-year-old daughter would also refuse to travel with her in her car, if she notices alcohol in the car. Her daughter would also remind her that it is dangerous to drink and drive. There was no peace in her house; they would fight almost every day.

Her husband was invited to Unity Fellowship Church Tshisaulu, Venda opening service by a family friend. Mokondeleli came along with her husband and attended the service. While the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba was ministering, she made an altar call for people who needed deliverance and Mokondeleli responded to that altar call. Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her and she received her deliverance. When she went back home, she hugged her children and told them that the old things had passed and a new life had begun. Mokondeleli stopped drinking alcohol since that day, and she has never had a desire to consume alcohol ever again. The Lord delivered her, there is peace in her house and after work she goes straight home. She thanks God for delivering her.

There is no addiction that is too hard for the Lord Jesus. Drinking alcohol every day was a way of life for Mokondeleli until she had an encounter with the Deliverer, Jesus Christ who is able to deliver you from any oppression. Child of God, if you have been struggling with an addiction, cast all your burdens before the Lord and He shall set you free from the clutches of the devil.