Portia Ndlovu was tormented by severe pains in her womb. She also used to bleed heavily and her periods would last for two to three months. Her doctor put her on a scan and discovered that she had growth in her pelvis. She was then referred to the hospital for an operation and she stayed there for five days.

However, when the doctor did the pelvic exam tests to confirm the presence of growth in her pelvis so that they could proceed with the operation, the tests came back negative indicating that she did not have growth in her womb. They kept on running the same tests and the tests would come back negative. This was confusing to the doctors because the ultrasound scan was showing that she had a growth in her womb and she was in pain. As a result of these findings, the doctors could not proceed with the operation. She was then sent back home in pains.

After she came back from the hospital she decided to seek help from an inyanga. The inyanga gave her muthi to drink and a rope to tie around her waist. He told her that the muthi would remove the growth in her womb and she would be healed. However, her situation only grew worse and the pains became more severe. While she was in pain, one of her Facebook friends shared a post from Pastor Mukhuba's Facebook page and she became interested to visit the church.

In July 2017, she decided to visit Unity Fellowship Church with the hope of receiving healing. As she continued going to church, she realised that the pains were no longer there. In January 2018, she embarked on the Forty days Prayer and Fasting. In one of the services during the fasting period, she reacted and she was carried to the Altar where she received her deliverance. Afterwards she was referred to counselling where she was taught about how to separate herself from the kingdom of darkness by making separation prayers. She opened up to her counsellor and explained that she used to go to a certain church before going to Unity. The counsellor then advised her to burn that church’s uniform in order for her to be separated from all the spirits of that church.

She complied and brought her uniform to be burned at church. Afterwards, when she went to the doctor for her normal check-up, the doctor was shocked that the growth in her womb was no longer there. Her pelvic was completely clear. She is no longer bleeding or experiencing pains in her womb. She is completely healed and delivered.

Brethren, healing is like bread for the children of God. By the stripes of Jesus Christ, we are healed! If you are sick in your body, receive your healing in the name of Jesus.