Tendani Muhanganei works for a bank. In November of 2017 she bought a car and the bank she works for agreed to finance it. Her employer told her that she also qualified to either receive a discount on the car or to get a staff rate which means that she would pay back the car at a lower interest rate. It however was not possible to receive both benefits. The discount was the better option so Tendani chose it. In December when the statement for the car came, she realised that her instalment was still very high despite the big discount. During this time, she kept on offering the Changing Lives Offering asking the Lord to intervene in her financial situation. She enquired at work if they could give her further assistance with the car payment and they asked for her payslip. In January 2018 when the car instalment was debited from her account, the fee had only gone down by a small amount. To make matters worse, in February the amount went up again. Although the situation worsened, she continued to offer faithfully believing God for a change in her life.

Her persistent faith finally paid off and her breakthrough came in March 2018. She finally received the lower interest rate on top of the discount she had initially received and as a result the amount she is now paying is very low. Tendani is grateful because she can now enjoy her salary. We thank the Lord for the blessing in her life. My Brethren there is power in offering. When you give sparingly, you shall also reap sparingly. I encourage you to be faithful in your offering and the Lord shall surely bless you!