Towards the end of June 2018, Nomthandazo Zitha was involved in a car accident. She was a pedestrian, and as the car swerved to avoid hitting something, it hit her instead. She went through a lot of pain and her leg was put in a cast in an effort to heal it. Her situation was very bad, she had been in three other accidents before and she was sure death was knocking at her door. She comes from a family where her great grandfather was a witchdoctor and so was her father. Their act of sin opened the doorway for the devil to enter the family and torment them. As a result, people were dying year after year. No one has died in 2018 and her children were asking if it was not a sign that she was next.

Nomthandazo was always anxious and uneasy, possibly because in her heart she was also starting to believe she would die. She had things moving around her face and cramps all over her back. The pain in her leg was also so bad that she could not sleep at night. During the day she could not do anything for herself and had to ask random people walking down the street to help her when there was no one in the house with her. Her daughter introduced her to UBN during the last week of July 2018 and she started believing that she would find her healing in the church. Nomthandazo started praying along with Pastor Mukhuba on UBN and her faith increased.

When Nomthandazo heard about the Healing Sunday Service on the 5th of August 2018 at Unity Fellowship Church, she knew that it was the appointed time for her divine healing. She had two crutches that she used for walking, but she decided to leave one behind because she strongly believed in her heart that she would throw the other one away and go back home walking after the service. She was driven to the service and when she arrived, she was helped into the church. She had the crutch in one hand and the lady helping her on the other side because she could not stand on her own, let alone walk. Despite her condition, she was convinced that she would receive her healing from the Lord. She had faith in God. She sat in an overflow area with other sick people as the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba ascended the pulpit. Pastor Mukhuba then led the congregation in worship.

Nomthandazo prayed along earnestly with the Servant of God and suddenly the power of God came upon her, and she fell to the ground. She experienced what felt like electric shock going through her whole body, from the legs to the head. Those around her watched in despair as they thought she was further injuring her leg, but the Lord was working in her body. She stood up from there and started jumping, rejoicing to the Lord for her healing. The same lady who had been helped into the church was suddenly jumping and praising God. Her miracle had taken place! She rushed to the pulpit to proclaim the praises to the Almighty God and continued to rejoice as she recounted her story to the church. Her faith paved a way for her miracle, and she is healed! Even the cramps and the things that moved on her face are gone, there is no more pain or even discomfort in her body! We praise Doctor Jesus for His mighty hand at work!

Brethren, in Matthew 17:20, Jesus said that he who has faith as small as a mustard seed can say to a mountain move and it will move. This lady’s faith was shown in the small things that she did but in her heart, she truly believed God would heal her. Be encouraged blessed reader to apply this type of faith. God did not heal this lady because she was special. He is not a respecter of persons. You can also receive your miracle if you just believe the Lord. What is it that you need? Is it healing? Is it a blessing? I say whatever that you need shall be given to you by the Lord, just believe! Be convinced in your heart that God is alive, and He is your provider and it shall be so in the name of Jesus!