On the 30th of July 2018, while Phindulo Netshirembe was in class, she felt an invisible force pulling her hair very hard. Suddenly, her eyes rolled back as if they were getting shoved inside her head and this was accompanied by an unbearable headache. Her condition was so bad that she had to go home. When she got home, her condition worsened. She felt weak, dizzy and developed short breath.

Her situation persisted until she was taken to the doctor on the 1st of August 2018. The doctor ran tests but could not identify the nature of her sickness, and thus sent her home. When she got home, her condition went from bad to worse that she could not even sit down because of the pain. Distressed, her mother took her to hospital and when she got there, doctors ran tests as well, but they too could not determine the cause of her illness. Therefore, they sent her home having given her medication only. By the time she arrived home, her whole body was numb. She then realized that she was unable to walk on her own. The pain had paralyzed her, and her legs could no longer carry her. At the age of 15 years, Phindulo found herself confined to a wheelchair.

Having run out of options, her mother decided to bring her to the Healing Sunday Service at Unity Fellowship Church on the 5th of August 2018. All the way from Mpumalanga, she came to church being carried by her family as she could not walk. The Servant of the Lord Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her after the service. As Pastor Mukhuba was praying for her, she felt a wave vibration inside her body and she started shaking. Pastor Mukhuba gently touched her hands and commanded her to stand. To her surprise, Phindulo received the strength to stand. She held on to the hand of the Servant of the Lord and her body started getting strong. Hand in hand, they walked up and down the Altar together. Her pace started picking up as they walked and suddenly, she found herself running with the Servant of the Lord. She no longer needs a wheelchair as Jesus the Christ has miraculously healed her from paralysis. All the weakness and the dizziness is also gone. Glory to Jesus!

Child of God, we serve a miracle working God. He is the Great Doctor and there is no sickness that He cannot heal. He specializes where earthly doctors have failed, and He cannot be restricted. Therefore, if you need healing today just believe and the Lord shall heal you in the same way that He healed Phindulo. May the gracious hand of Jesus the Christ locate you today and heal you from all sicknesses in the name of Jesus!