In the beginning of January 2018, Sibonile Sibanda’s ear became very painful and developed sores around it. Her ear was blocked and she eventually lost her hearing. For almost three months she struggled to sleep because of the pain. She consulted a medical doctor who diagnosed her with an ear infection and gave her medication. However, the treatment was in vain and the pain killers did not relieve her. Someone referred her to a certain church to seek for help. She went to that church but surprisingly, she was charged an upfront fee of R1000.00 for prayers. At that point she was so desperate that she was willing to pay any price for her healing and so she did.

Despite the expensive fee she had paid for her healing, the pain did not go away. One day her neighbour who is a child of Unity Fellowship Church gave her the UBN newsletter to read. Sibonile's faith was encouraged upon reading testimonies of how the Lord healed, delivered and changed other people’s lives. She then decided to visit Unity on Sunday the 11th of March 2018 believing the Lord for her healing. As Pastor Mukhuba was praying during the service, she felt something bursting in her ear. She then realised that her ear is no longer blocked and her hearing has been restored. The pain that had tormented her for almost three months non-stop became a thing of the past after that prayer.

She visited the UBN Fire Shop after the service, got herself the UBN Holy Anointing Oil and ministered it inside her ear every day. The sores around her ear completely dried up within a week. She glorifies the Lord for her healing.

Child of God, the bible is full of scriptures where God performed instant healing on people. In Luke 13:11-13 God instantly healed a woman who suffered from a spirit of infirmity for eighteen years. This indicates that there is nothing impossible with the Lord. Like Sibonile, God can also heal you and bring restoration in that situation deemed impossible in an instant. May He perform an instant miracle in your life as you believe Him wholeheartedly in Jesus Name!