Merriam Dintwe started having pains around her waist after she gave birth to her last born child more than twenty years ago. To soothe the pains, she would fill up a bucket with hot water and sit on it to steam her private part. However, that proved to be in vain because the pains continued. She went to the doctor, who gave her medication, but the treatment did not relieve her. Instead, the pains became severe in the last week of March 2018, to an extent that she struggled to stand for a long time. Even sitting or lying down was a problem for her.

On Sunday the 15th of April 2018, she attended a service at Unity Fellowship Church although she was reluctant to. During the service, Pastor Mukhuba prayed for the healing of all those who were sick. After the prayer, she encouraged them to test their bodies to check if those pains were still there. Merriam obeyed and she tested her body. Amazingly, she tried to look for the pains that had made her miserable for more than twenty years but could not find them. She can now sit and stand without feeling any pain, to the glory of the living God!

Secondly, the Lord did not just work on one part of Merriam’s body that day. Her right arm was painful for some time and it was a struggle to move it up and down. After the healing prayer from the Servant of God, that pain also became a thing of the past. She can now move her arm up and down without pain. We give glory to God for the instant healing.

Brethren, sickness and suffering are not an inheritance for the children of God. The Lord Jesus Christ suffered so that we can be free from suffering and pains. If there is any pain you feeling believe the Lord for your divine healing, in Jesus name!