Phyllis Mukwevho started experiencing tightness in her chest in October 2017. As a result, she could not breathe properly and she eventually suffered severe pains in her throat and chest. She even stopped eating bread because it would hurt her chest.

In a quest for help, she consulted many medical doctors but they could not diagnose her. Examinations done could not detect anything wrong in her chest as well as her lungs. Instead, her pains persisted despite moving from one doctor to another. Her condition was so bad that she even considered quitting her job. She could not even stand for longer periods anymore.

She attended a Sunday service at Unity Fellowship Church on the 15th of April 2018. During the service, Pastor Mukhuba prayed for the healing of those who were sick. While she was praying, Phyllis felt hot air entering inside her body. At that time she felt like she was inhaling hot air. She then knelt down and prayed. As she was praying, she struggled to utter words and breathe properly because of the hot air she was breathing in.

After the prayer, Pastor Mukhuba asked the church congregants to check themselves to see if they are healed. When Phyllis checked herself, she no longer felt pains and congestion in her chest. Just one touch from the Lord took away the pain that had tormented her for almost seven months. The Lord Jesus cleared her chest and she is completely healed. We give glory to God for her healing.

Beloved, if you are a child of God in Christ, you too qualify for an instant healing or deliverance. It does not matter what kind of sickness you are suffering from or how long it has been there. Trust in the Lord for your healing and be set free in the name of Jesus!