Eunice Ramahloki would like to give glory to the Lord for healing her of chest pains. On the 11th of April 2018, while she was at work, she started experiencing pains on the right side of her chest. The pains persisted and spread to her right arm. Suddenly, she could not use her right arm anymore. She took pain killers but they only numbed the pains for a short while, only to come back again. On the 15th of April 2018, she attended a service at Unity Fellowship Church still in pains. As the service progressed, the Servant of the Lord Pastor Mukhuba started praying for the healing of the congregants. While she was praying, Eunice felt a rushing hot air in her chest. This made her feel dizzy and she sat down. After that, Pastor Mukhuba encouraged those who were in pains when they came to the service to check if their pains were still there. At that moment Eunice realised that the sharp pain in her chest was gone and she could use her right arm. Pains that had rendered her right arm paralyzed suddenly disappeared in an instant. Glory to Jesus!

Child of God, the Lord is a Healer and there is no sickness that He is unable to heal. The same power that worked in Eunice’s body is also able to activate whichever part of your body that is not working. May the Lord also heal you from all your illnesses in the name of Jesus!