In November 2017, the company that Fhulufhelo Marwamphida works for started retrenching people because it was not performing well financially. They used the “Last in First Out” policy meaning junior employees by time of service, were going to be retrenched first over those who had been in the company for longer. Fhulufhelo was worried because he was one of the people who had only started working recently at that time. He attended the Changing Lives Night Prayer at Unity Fellowship Church in November 2017 and gave the Isaac Sacrificial Offering during the service. He wrote a prayer request on his offering envelope asking God to save his job. When the retrenchment process was complete and the list of people getting retrenched was released, Fhulufhelo’s name was not on the list. He gives glory to God for saving his job.

Secondly, a week before the 2018 Impartation Night Prayer, he injured his left leg and suffered a fractured bone. He consulted a doctor who applied a plaster around it to mend the broken bone. After three weeks he went back to the doctor and the plaster was removed. However, the leg was still painful and he had to take medication to relieve it. He went to Unity Fellowship Church on the 1st of June 2018 to attend the Impartation Night Prayer. He arrived at church before the service started and the leg was still painful. He then got the UBN Holy Anointing Oil from the UBN Fire shop. He ministered it on his leg and the pains gradually subsided. During praise and worship time, he managed to move his leg effortlessly. He then realised that the pains were no more. Prior to that, the doctor had told him that the leg would take two months to completely heal and during that time he had to rely on pain killers for pain relief. However, God changed that report through the UBN Anointing Oil. No more pains; he is completely healed. He confirmed that he did not take medication for the pains before coming to church. Thus, it could only have been the hand of God that touched Fhulufhelo and made him whole.

Brethren, there is nothing that is impossible with God. He makes a way where there is no way. You need to have faith in Him without doubting and you will surely experience His wonderful works.