Apostle Singini would like to appreciate the grace of the Lord which led him to Unity Fellowship Church for his breakthrough. Apostle used to suffer from a spirit of backwardness that used to destroy everything that he tried to build. Whenever he tried to do something, it would seem like it is going well in the beginning and then afterwards it would fall apart. He used to operate a logistics company. However, in May 2016 his truck was stolen and he could not continue functioning.

He also has a church but it was not doing well. The church would grow and when it looked like it was flourishing, it would dissolve again and members would leave as if something was chasing them away. The situation left him so impoverished that he ended up having to move out of his apartment because he could no longer afford to pay the rent. He eventually rented a room, which he also battled to pay. In his distress he started seeking for a man of God who would pray with him and help him break the spirit of backwardness that was attacking his life.

Unfortunately every pastor that he went to charged him for a consultation. However he did not go since he did not have the money. When he started attending services at Unity Fellowship Church in May 2017, he got an opportunity to meet the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba. He explained his story to her and she prayed with him. Pastor Mukhuba then told him that she would pray for God to send people who would support his ministry until he sees the evidence of God’s favour.

After having a meeting with Pastor Mukhuba, Apostle Singini started experiencing a miraculous turn of events in the church that he is leading. God started performing healing and deliverance through him and more people started attending his church. As per the words of the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba, God indeed raised people who are supporting the ministry and others even volunteered to pay for his child’s school fees. He is now able to afford his rent. Members are no longer leaving the church and he is finally able to grow the church without having anxiety that it might dissolve again. The Lord has delivered him from the spirit of backwardness and given his ministry a major breakthrough.