Francinah Mahloane used to be addicted to drinking tea and coffee excessively since she was a teenager. The addiction was so bad that she would opt to drink tea or coffee instead of water whenever she felt thirsty. She would use a very big mug each time she had her tea. At the beginning of January 2018, Pastor Mukhuba announced about the 2018 40 days of prayer and fasting to the church. She mentioned that one was only allowed to drink water during the day and not tea for the duration of the fasting. Pastor Mukhuba’s statement brought so much distress to Francinah because she thought she would not survive without drinking tea or coffee all day. However, she persevered through prayer and saw herself able to finish the rest of forty days fasting drinking water only. Sometime at the beginning of June 2018, her granddaughter asked her why she no longer drank tea throughout the day. Her granddaughter’s question made her realise that she is delivered from drinking tea and coffee excessively.

Secondly, she did not have a good relationship with her last born daughter. They would always fight about a lot of things and stay for a long time without talking to each other. Her daughter’s behaviour and lack of communication bothered her so much that she presented the issue before God. She would write prayer requests at the back of every offering envelope whenever she offered at Unity Fellowship Church asking the Lord for His intervention. Her prayers and offerings did not go unanswered. Francinah was surprised to receive a call from her daughter asking to meet with her sometime in the second week of June 2018. She was reluctant but she eventually agreed to meet her. Upon meeting her, she discovered that she had arranged a beauty spa treat for the two of them. Their relationship has been restored since then and her daughter calls her every day to check on her.

Thirdly, Francinah was tormented by a pain at the back of her right shoulder since October 2017. The pain was so bad that she would fail to lift up her arm at times. On Sunday the 10th of June 2018, Pastor Mukhuba made an Altar call of those who felt pains on their bodies. Francinah responded to the Altar call and she was prayed for. She has never felt any pain at the back of her shoulder since then. She would like to thank the Lord for her deliverance, healing and the restoration of her relationship with her daughter. She would also like to thank Pastor Mukhuba for her unceasing prayers

Child of God, the Lord is the greatest and abundant in power; His understanding is beyond measure (Psalm 147:5). There is no addiction, sickness or condition that is bigger than Him. If you are in need of healing, deliverance and restoration for yourself or your loved ones, I encourage you to go before Him with confidence. He shall answer you because He is compassionate about you.