Before Bella Dube attended Unity Fellowship Church, she was living in cohabitation. In 2009, her partner promised to marry her, thus he bought wedding rings. However, after getting the rings he could not raise enough money to pay lobola (bride prize). Money used to disappear and they could not even trace what they did with it. After waiting for years to get married, she decided to sell the rings. In October 2017, she attended a service at Unity Fellowship Church. It was during the War against Witchcraft Night Prayer, and the Fire of God located her and she reacted thereby ushered to the altar. While she was at the altar she kept pulling her ring finger although she could not understand why. She was afterwards taken to a counsellor who then explained to her that fornication is a sin. Therefore, she decided to separate with her partner and moved out of his house. In March 2018, her partner came back and told her that he wanted to pay lobola and was ready to marry her. Bella is now a married woman and she appreciates the faithfulness of the Lord.

Child of God, obedience is connected to blessings. God is a faithful Rewarder of those who diligently seek him and live according to his ways. If you seek to do things God’s way, you shall never be disappointed. As you read this testimony today, you need to think over. Are you living with a man who is not your husband? It is time to either get married or separate from that relationship. God has someone better for you. Receive your marriage in the name of Jesus!