Prior to coming to Unity Fellowship Church, Thandi Leyana did not know anything about the Lord Jesus Christ. She did not even know what was right, or wrong before the eyes of the Lord. In 2011, she consulted a certain witchdoctor because she had been experiencing pains on her body for many years. The witchdoctor gave her ancestral cloths to wear and to also put under her pillow when sleeping, but they did not help her. Moreover, there were dogs that used to run around her yard daily. Therefore, she was unable to sleep at night, she would turn and toss the whole night, as a result she did not have peace.

She then went to a certain church seeking help. The false prophet at that church prophesied to her and said she needed to perform orders using ‘zwiwasho’ (bewitched waters). She performed them, but there was no help for her. The worst part was that her children would always be knocked down by bicycles most of the time while on their way going to or coming from school. All of her children were each knocked down by bicycles three times in different occasions.

Furthermore, one of her children was knocked by a car in 2013 when he was four years old. When she consulted a sangoma wanting to know what had been causing the accidents, she was told that her children’s grandfather was very angry at them. The sangoma said the grandfather wanted her to do the rituals for her children in order to stop the accidents. She did them, but the problems got worse.

Then the children were given ancestral cloths by the sangoma who said they should use them for their protection. Thandi and her husband were also given some cloths and were told that the cloths would protect them. She would use them thinking that her late grandfather would see her wearing them and become happy and stop the suffering of her family, but the problems persisted.

Thandi knew Pastor Mukhuba and Unity Fellowship Church when she first watched the UBN Channel in December 2017. While she was watching UBN, she saw that people are getting saved, delivered and are succeeding in life. She then attended the Breakthrough Night Prayer on the 4th of May 2018, seeking the divine intervention of the Lord Jesus in her life. She attended the service in pains that night.

In the morning after the service, all the pains on her head had vanished. Thandi then got the UBN Holy Anointing Oil and the UBN Fire Stickers. When she got home, she anointed her children and pasted one sticker behind the door of her house and she also pasted another one on the wall of her house. She even sprinkled some of the anointing oil inside the house. That night she slept peacefully. Since then, she has been sleeping peacefully and she has never seen any dog running around her yard.

As she continued watching UBN Channel, she saw people repenting of their sins, and bringing the tools of darkness that they had been using to be burnt by fire at church. On the 4th of August 2018 during the Captives Shall Be Set Free Service, she brought all the tools of darkness that they were using before, so that it can be burnt. This enables herself and the family to be separated from the tools that connects them to the devil and be delivered completely. The devil is a looser; he has lost big time! Glory to Jesus!

Child of God, the Lord Jesus came down here on earth and died for your healing and your deliverance. His blood was shed for you and your family members. You cannot allow yourself and your family members to continue in suffering. All you need to do is to come to Jesus and receive Him as your Lord and Savior and get separated from all the things of the devil and his agents. If you have got any kind of a tool of darkness that you have been using in your life, you need to take it to a living church so that it can be burnt by the fire. Then you and your family shall be delivered completely. As you share this post for other people to see and get blessed, May God be with you in the name of Jesus!