Thokozani Shandu glorifies God for the miraculous career breakthrough that he has received. He became a member of Unity Fellowship Church in 2012 and his mother passed away in 2015. Pastor Mukhuba took care of him and his brother financially and also provided food for them from that time until now.

Thokozani completed his N4 in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 but was unable to find placement for his practical training until in 2018. He would apply but not receive feedback for his applications. He however did not allow his predicament to stop him from offering in the house of God. He would frequently offer trusting the Lord for a breakthrough. In June 2018, he applied for a position of an Assistant Operator.

During September, the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba told the congregants that they are going to receive miraculous calls and that they should only inform her about such calls after they have succeeded and have testimonies to share. Thokozani was one of the people who received such a call. On the next Monday, he received a call from Gibela Rail Transport Consortium RF (PTY) Ltd for an interview which was scheduled for that very same Friday. He was successful in his interview and also passed his medical and fitness tests. He did not inform Pastor Mukhuba about this interview as he was still waiting to receive his contract first.

Time passed and the company did not call him to give him further feedback. During the Sunday service of the 28th of October 2018, the Servant of the Lord Pastor Mukhuba declared to the congregants that the Lord was opening doors for them. She also added that the congregants would receive the miracles that they had been waiting for. Thokozani believed the word from the pulpit and decided to call the company that interviewed him to enquire about the position. Unfortunately, they did not answer the phone. However, on that very same day the company called him to inform him that he was successful for his interview and offered him a great position with great benefits and a high salary. He is thankful to Pastor Mukhuba for taking care of him and for her teachings and prayers.

Blessed reader, this is a season of miraculous acceleration. God is in the business of blessing His children and you also need to connect to this anointing and receive your breakthrough in the name of Jesus