When Kettie Banda was still young, her cousin hit her with a hoe on her head and she bled a lot. This did not mean much to her as she was still young. Since then, she had been tormented by evil spirits and bad dreams. She would dream sucking fish, and sometimes she would see herself inside the water, swimming or singing. She would also dream of dead people or see herself eating in her dreams. She experienced these torments throughout her entire life.

Kettie got married in 2015 but experienced no peace in her marriage. She would oftern struggle to sleep at night. She went to different churches seeking help but could not find any. In October 2018, Kettie saw the UBN address and contact details on the internet and decided to call the numbers. The person who answered the phone advised Kettie to attend the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance service. Kettie heeded the advice and attended the service with her husband that very same Tuesday.

During the service, Pastor Mukhuba made an Altar call for people who were emotionally distressed and who woke up crying that day. Kettie responded to the Altar call and Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her. Evil spirits manifested through her saying that her father had handed her over to the kingdom of darkness in exchange for the prosperity of his fishing business. The spirits further explained that the blood that gushed out from Kettie’s head when her cousin hit her with a hoe was used to seal the covenant made with her father. Moreover, due to the access that the evil spirits were granted over Kettie’s life, they would also steal her urine on a regular basis in order to strengthen the covenant that they made with her father.

After the evil spirits manifested, Kattie consulted a UBN Counsellor who advised her to stop using a bucket to pass urine, as that was the same urine which the evil spirits were using to strengthen the covenant made with her father. Kettie was also taught how to separate herself from evil spirits through prayer and advised to approach her father regarding the confession of the evil spirits. The following day, she called her father and he confessed that he had indeed made a covenant with the evil spirits using Kettie’s blood to ensure the sucess of his fishing business. That revelation changed Kettie’s life drastically. The Lord has now delivered her from bad dreams; she no longer sucks fish or eat in her dreams. She no longer sees dead people in her dreams and her marriage is restored. Her husband is showering her with so much love that she is now smiling from ear to ear.

Brethren, the devil likes to play his games in people’s lives. But when you have received Jesus Christ in your life, there is nothing of the devil that is allowed to torment you. The Lord becomes your protector, deliverer and dwelling place. When you receive Christ, you are given power to trample over scorpions and serpents and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing can harm you (Luke 10:19).

When you have made the Lord your refuge and the Most High your dwelling, evil cannot befall you, plague is not allowed near your dwelling. For the Lord gives His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways (Psalm 91:9-11). Do not be intimidated by the devil. You have been given the power to bring his nonsense to a stop in your life. Stand your ground in prayer and bring all the activities of the devil in your life to naught.