Mr Xolani Ngwenya developed small pimples on his legs 7 weeks ago. The pimples were very itchy and he continuously scratched himself without finding relief. After five days of developing these pimples, Mr. Ngwenya consulted a medical doctor who gave him medication and an ointment to apply on his sores. Instead of the pimples getting better, Mr. Ngwenya’s condition worsened. The sores spread to his arms, thighs, elbows and buttocks. He then went to different pharmacies and bought different types of medication to apply on the sores but this still did not help.

The sores gradually worsened and started oozing pus. Mr. Ngwenya was in great pain and he couldn’t even walk fast as pus kept coming out of his sores. He also struggled to sleep. He had to wrap a roller bandage around his legs to stop the pus from dripping down his legs as it would wet his pants. It would be very painful for him to clean and undress his wounds as the pus would dry stuck between the bandage and the wound. He had to slowly take off the bandage to reduce the severity of the pains and would soften it with water in order to be able to remove it.

Mr. Ngwenya attended the Jubilee Anointing Services on Sunday the 17th of February 2018 with bandages wrapped around his legs. The nurses at church assessed him but it was difficult for him to remove the bandages to show them the sores. When Pastor Mukhuba was praying for the sick, Mr. Ngwenya’s pains grew worse. After the prayer, the Servant of God encouraged those who were sick to test their bodies by doing everything that they were unable to do before the service. Mr. Ngwenya took heed of the advice and when he checked his left leg to remove the bandages, he was amazed to find that the bandages had fallen off from his leg. He was surprised by this and wondered who untied and removed the bandage and why he did not experience any pains when that was done as this was a torturous and painful process for him. When Ngwenya checked his right leg, he found that the bandage was still on but as soon as he tried to untie it, it also fell off on its own. He was greatly surprised by this. When he checked his sores he found that they were dry and no longer oozing pus and that his pains had subsided. Mr. Ngwenya could not believe his eyes. When giving his testimony at the altar area he could not contain his excitement whilst thanking the Lord for what He has done for him. We thank the Lord who is able to dry wounds in an instant. This indeed is the Power of God at work. Hallelujah!

Blessed reader, let me introduce you to a doctor who specialises in healing all types of conditions. His name is Doctor Jesus. It does not matter what your condition is, He is able to turn it around in just an instant. His desire is for you to enjoy healing, health and the wholeness which He purchased for you at the cross of Calvary. He has already paid the full price for your health and well being. All that you need to do is to completely trust in His power. His will is for you to receive His miracle working power within you so that you can prosper and be in good health.