Mr. Eric Tshivhenga is grateful to the power of God that is at work in Unity Fellowship Church. He is one of the congregants who embarked on the 2019 Forty Days Fasting and prayer. On Sunday the 10th of February 2019, the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba preached from Exodus 32:7, where the children of Israel decided to worship a golden calf whilst Moses was still on Mount Sinai receiving God’s law on their behalf. This angered Moses and he resultantly broke the tablets that contained the written word of God.

Pastor Mukhuba used this scripture to remind the congregants that they were only left with a week before descending the mountain of fasting, and that just like Moses, the devil was not pleased with their transformation and what they were carrying from the mountain. She encouraged the church to hold their ground and not drop their tablets no matter how difficult and bad their trials may be. Mr. Tshivhenga’s faith was greatly encouraged by this sermon. He then decided that he will complete his last week of the 40 days fasting prayer by drinking water only and no longer eating after the evening prayer.

Mr. Tshivhenga fasted drinking water only with no challenges until on Wednesday when he started experiencing a strange type of hunger whilst at work. He took the Lion of Judah sculpture and put it in his pocket. He also drank the UBN anointing oil and prayed before calling the UBN Prayer line to explain the complications he was encountering. At that time he felt like he was losing his mind and does not even remember how his conversation with the UBN prayer line consultant ended. He then informed his colleague that he was not feeling well, and requested his colleague to notify the supervisors that he needed medical attention as he did not think that his attack had anything to do with hunger.

Mr. Tshivhenga does not remember how he got to the clinic as he lost consciousness. When he regained consciousness he walked to the nurses and told them that he needed urgent attention because he was in pain but the nurses turned him back and asked him to sit down. A few minutes later, he went back to the nurses again seeking help and does not recall what happened to him after that.

Mrs. Eunice Tshivhenga, Eric’s wife, received a call whilst at work from a nurse who wanted to find out if she knew her husband. The nurse advised her to rush to the hospital where her husband was going to be admitted. When Mrs. Tshivhenga arrived at the hospital, she assisted with opening her husband’s file while the nurses were still busy attending to him. Mrs. Tshivhenga then phoned her son and asked him to bring the Holy Anointing Oil to the hospital. The son arrived within an hour and Mrs. Tshivhenga anointed her husband’s face, neck and hands and he immediately started to move his head and hands but his eyes were still closed. The following day on Thursday when Mrs. Tshivhenga arrived at the hospital she found her husband’s hands and feet tied like that of a violent mentally disturbed person. Mr. Tshivhenga was fighting and asking where he was, and why his hands and feet were tied.

Pastor Mukhuba called Mrs. Tshivhenga on Friday to inquire about her husband’s wellbeing when she was on her way to visit him at the hospital. The Servant of God told Mrs. Tshivhenga that she must go well and that her husband was going to be fine. Mrs. Tshivhenga believed what Pastor Mukhuba had just told her that her husband would be well. When she arrived at the hospital, she found her husband back in his normal state of mind and no longer tied up. He was eating his food by himself. The following day on Saturday, Mr. Tshivhenga was discharged from hospital with a referral letter to the Military Hospital in Pretoria for a CT scan. The scans were performed the following Wednesday and came back showing no abnormalities in Mr. Tshivhenga’s health status. The hospital could not even prescribe any medication for him as his scans showed no sign of epilepsy or any illness that the doctors had previously suspected as the root cause of his sickness.

Mr. Tshivhenga glorifies God for healing and delivering him. He is grateful for the fulfillment of God’s word upon his life. Those who ascend the mountain of the Lord through fasting prayer do not come down empty-handed. He came down with healing and victory. In Luke 4:1-13 we read of Jesus being tried, tested and tempted by the enemy just as He was completing His 40 days fasting. He defeated the enemy through the Word. You too have been given the power to use the Word of God in order to defeat all the wiles of the devil.