Ms Moeketsane suffered from womb pains which made her unable to bend. She had something like a ball sitting on the left side of her abdomen causing her severe pains. The pains would sometimes feel like she was in labor. The pap smear tests she did at the clinic showed that there was nothing wrong with her womb Ms Moeketsane attended an All Night Prayer held by Pastor Mukhuba on the 13th of September 2019 at Free State Odendaalsrus, Kutloanong High School. This was her first time of attending a service hosted by Pastor Mukhuba. When she was waiting to be ushered to her seat, she felt the ball thing moving up and down in her tummy. During the course of the service, when Pastor Mukhuba instructed the congregants to sing softly to God, the movements in Ms Moeketsane’s body intensified and became painful. She began to scream and was ushered to the altar area. As the service continued, the Servant of God instructed those with moving things in their bodies to touch the areas where they experience such movements. Ms Moeketsane touched her tummy and felt like there was something that was about to come out. She caught Pastor Mukhuba’s attention as she was seated down at the altar area looking uncomfortable. She told the servant of God that she was pressed and Pastor Mukhuba told her to go to the toilet and she quickly rushed there. When she got there she discharged a whitish substance. After that, the pain and the ball moving thing in her tummy were no more. She came back inside the church to testify and to give glory to God who had just delivered her. Glory to Jesus!