Mrs. Mudzanani is thanking the Lord for the healing miracle she has received. Sometime in April of 2019, Mrs. Mudzanani noticed that her stomach was growing big. During this time, she had an abnormal hunger and was always eating. She would have many normal meals in short intervals and would also wake up early in the morning to have soft porridge as she would wake up feeling hungry. If she ate late she would feel dizzy and would have terrible headaches. She made sure that she does not skip any breakfast or the rest of her meals. Since April, she could not take part in any personal or church fasting prayers as she had to be eating. Her tummy kept growing and her husband even thought that she was pregnant. She knew that she was not pregnant as she was still seeing her periods. At work people started noticing her growing tummy and asking her why she was hiding her pregnancy. She tried to explain that she was not pregnant but just sick but others could not understand that as they kept seeing her stomach growing bigger. On the 13th of August, she bought a home pregnancy test and the results proved what she already knew, that she was not pregnant.

What was strange was that she would feel kicks like that of a baby in her tummy. With time, her waist began to feel tight and her legs would lock when she was walking. Her body also began to feel very cold. She visited a doctor who performed x-rays on her which showed that her body had dirt inside and she was given medication to clean her tummy from the dirt which the doctor thought was the main cause of her swelled up tummy. She took the medication for 5 days and it did not work. She visited the clinic on the 28th of August 2019 very weak and struggling to breath due to the coldness she was feeling. The nurses concluded that she had pneumonia and gave her an injection for cold. She was booked for a check up on Friday the 30th and was also given medication for tummy swelling. Mrs. Mudzanani attended church on the 1st of September 2019 feeling very weak. As usual her waist was tight and her legs locked that morning as she was preparing herself to come to church. Her son assisted her to the service where she sat not participating in the activities happening due to the pain she was feeling. The Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her after the church service together with those who were sick. She manifested with evil spirits as God was delivering her. After her deliverance, she was counselled by one of the UBN counsellors. She went home feeling very light and strong that day. On Monday morning when she woke up to bath she realized that her tummy was flat and back to its normal size. She felt like a completely new person after 5 months of living with a big swelled up tummy of the devil. The Lord has delivered and set her free from being tormented by the devil.