Works of witchcraft destroyed by the power of God

Caroline had long hair. One day she woke up with her head shaved on the sides. She then went to Unity and got the Holy Anointing Oil and applied it on her head while praying. Her hair then started growing back, glory to God! Three weeks ago she had a dream of being pricked by needles and she was told in the dream that she was going to go blind. When she woke up she was not feeling well. On her way to work, she realized that it was difficult for her to see. She then went and got admitted because the doctor found that her BP and sugar levels were on dangerous levels. Her sister who is a nurse told her that it was a demonic attack because the levels were too high for her to can be able to walk. She heard that Pastor Mukhuba was coming to Tshisaulu on Thursday and she decided to attend the service. She offered her Isaac offering and the evil spirits manifested talking about the diabetes. She then got delivered and after the service she could drive her car well. Even when she came to the night prayer she was driving with a clear vision. If you are suffering from witchcraft attacks, know that Jesus is above all those works of the devil. Let everything that they did to you in your sleep be destroyed right now in the name of Jesus Christ!