Mrs Mmamma Paulina Manamela is a teacher by profession. During October of 2019, her School Principal appointed her as a Senior Teacher who was also given a role to assist with administration work at her school. This attracted problems for her from those who were not happy about it. Mrs Manamela began to suffer from unbearable heat on the entire left side of her body. The unbearable burning sensation continued until Mrs Manamela could not take it anymore. She visited a doctor who told her that she had muscles spasm. She was given medication and advised to consult again after finishing the course if the condition persisted. She used the medication but her condition remained unchanged. She visited her doctor again fearing that she might be suffering from stroke as her symptoms felt more like stroke. Her doctor checked her and told her that she was suffering from high blood pressure. Mrs Manamela received prayers at a Christian church and her symptoms became better.

November the 7th to the 10th of 2019 was a blessed time for Unity Fellowship Church as this was a time set apart by God to open a new branch of Unity Fellowship Church at Mokopane, Ga Madiba village. Mrs Manamela attended the crusade on the 7th and when the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba ordered the congregants to lift their hands in worship to the Lord, Mrs Manamela also lifted her hands up. As soon as she raised her hands, she felt that intense burning feeling from head to toe on her left side of the body. She does not remember what happened except that she later realized that she was seating at the altar area. Her body was severely itching, and she was vigorously scratching herself as the Lord was delivering her. Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her and she has been free from this torment since then. Mrs Manamela came back to Unity Fellowship Church Mokopane to testify on Sunday the 10th of November. She glorified God for healing her from the works of darkness.