Mrs Sarah Nedoli had a serious problem that went on for 12 months. She had severe bodily pains. She was constantly experiencing pains on her left hand side of the body. She would feel as though the muscles on her leg, arm and waist were pulling together. She would also experience a burning sensation on her leg. Due to the pains, she was unable to sleep on her bed and she resorted to sleeping on the floor. During the day, she would even struggle to walk. She would constantly ask her daughter to get her different pain medication from the pharmacy. The medication only offered temporary relief. Mrs Nedoli decided to consult a medical doctor about her condition and she was diagnosed with arthritis. The doctor gave her medication which she was using but her condition remained the same, and she continued to suffer.

In November 2019, her suffering got worse as she became unable to digest any solid food and would only eat soft porridge and drink water. This led to constipation and she was unable to relieve herself for two weeks. Her body became severely painful. Mrs Nedoli’s daughter, who fellowships at Unity, invited her to church and she was eager to attend. When the day arrived she was reluctant and even asked for more pain killers but her daughter encouraged her to attend the service. Her daughter believed that her mother would receive her healing at Unity. Mrs Nedoli had become so reluctant that she even said that she would get lost on her way back home if she attended the service. However, her daughter was adamant that she should attend the service and even offered to accompany her back home.

Mrs Nedoli eventually agreed to attend the Tuesday Healing & Deliverance Service. The minute she entered through the gates of Unity she immediately felt in her heart that she would not go back home the same way she came to the service. She felt it that God was delivering her. She had faith that the Lord would heal her, and surely the Lord does not disappoint those who have faith in him. During praise and worship time, Mrs Nedoli felt the urge to relieve herself and immediately asked one of the usher to direct her to the toilets. When she got to the toilet, a slippery substance came out and she knew God had delivered her and she began to clap hands alone in the toilet, thanking the Lord for the miracle He performed in her life. The pains she had on her body immediately disappeared as well. She could move her body parts with ease and without feeling any pain. She could even move freely. Indeed Mrs Nedoli did not go home the same way she came, we give glory to the God of Pastor Mukhuba for her healing.