Mr. Mathebula started having problems after consulting at an occult church in 2002. He had gone to consult at that church because he was unemployed, and he hoped that the church could help him so that he could find a job. The false prophets of that church told him that he had a spirit of false prophecy. They then gave him orders that he needed to perform in order for the spirit to operate through him. They also gave him the teas so that he could boil and drink for about a week. He then started to have a moving thing inside his stomach. That thing felt like a ball and it would move up and down. The thing would also make a “gruuu” sound all the time. He would then have a lot of gas causing him to feel like burping, but he would not. He also started to experience pains in his stomach and itchiness on his body.

The false prophets in that church instructed him to go to a river and draw water. Mr. Mathebula then dreamt of a woman of Indian descend coming out of the river the very same night that he was given the instructions. The woman was holding a mirror that showed Mr. Mathebula’s reflection. He went to the river to get the water as instructed and he found that same mirror that he saw in his dreams when he got there. He also drew the water as instructed and left that mirror there at the river. He then went home and dreamt of himself having sexual intercourse with that same woman he saw coming out of the river. The woman would also change her physical form and become a dog. He would then wake up to find the area around his private part wet. His manhood would also be swollen, and he would not be able to walk as a result of that.

That spiritual wife continued to engage him in his dreams, and this affected his ability to commit to a woman. Mr. Mathebula would see a reflection of a dog every time he would have sexual relations with the woman that he was cohabiting with. He would have that reflection of the dog and the woman that he was living with would complain of abdominal pains. Mr. Mathebula ended up not having any relationships and he continued to have pains in his stomach. His private part continued to trouble him as it would subside and swell up again, and he would sometimes not be able to sleep because of the pain. His sleep would also be interrupted due to the pains in his stomach and he would wake up around 2am. Mr. Mathebula went to that occult church seeking help to get a job but came back carrying things that caused him to suffer for over 16 years, and he remained unemployed. Mr. Mathebula started to visit at Unity Fellowship Church some time ago but he stopped coming. He started to visit again in 2019, and he attended the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service on the 12th of September 2019. The servant of God Pastor Mukhuba then made an altar call for people who had moving things in their bodies in that service. Mr. Mathebula responded to that altar call, and Pastor Mukhuba instructed him to lay his hand on his stomach as she prayed for him. He then felt a burning sensation in his stomach, and he also had a running stomach when he got home after that service. That is how The God of Unity Fellowship Church delivered him and that was the end of his troubles of over 16 years. He never saw the spiritual wife again after that prayer and experience of a running stomach. The ball-like moving thing and the pains that he used to have in his stomach also stopped. He no longer suffers due to a swollen private part as it has since subsided. Mr. Mathebula is grateful to the God of Unity Fellowship Church for his compassion. We glorify the Lord for this healing and deliverance. Glory be to Jesus!