Mr. Mboniseni Mashandule is a member of Unity Fellowship Church and he is also a member of the UBN team. He joined Unity Fellowship Church in 2013 coming from a family background of witchdoctors. The Lord delivered him from his wayward lifestyle and from drinking alcohol. Mr. Mashandule repented and stopped being an adulterer and lusting after women. He was unemployed when he first came to Unity Fellowship Church in 2013, and the Lord changed all that and blessed him with a job. The Lord also delivered him from the torments of a spiritual wife and of eating in his dreams. His life began to flourish, and he also decided to join the UBN team of workers. Mr. Mashandule grew in the Lord spiritually and God blessed him with a business that he started after he joined Unity. His marriage and family life were also blessed. The Lord was blessing him as he was helping the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba in advancing the vision and mission of the church which is winning souls to the Kingdom of God.

Sometime in 2017, the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba preached a message titled “The Python Spirit”. Pastor Mukhuba illustrated through this message how satan works against a Christian’s life trying to kill the Christian just like how a python kills its prey. The Servant of God spoke about a situation whereby one would reach a point where they would not even be able to pray. Mr. Mashandule noticed that he would be very tired, and he would have to push himself to pray and to perform church duties assigned to him. He would only pray a few minutes instead of the recommended hour of prayer, and he was no longer reading the word of God. He would often feel very tired when it was prayer time. Furthermore, he also noticed that his behaviour had changed with regards to going to outreaches. He noticed that he was no longer preparing on time like he used to when it was time to go to outreaches. Mr. Mashandule would previously prepare 3 days before, but he started to only prepare a few hours before departure time during his period of backsliding. He would also skip church services and he would not communicate that to his leaders as required by the rules of the church for all UBN workers. He was doing all that knowing well that he comes from a family background that is very tough. What Mr. Mashandule did not realise at the time was that his family background spirits were hunting him down.

He soon forgot where God had taken him from. Mr. Mashandule forgot what Pastor Mukhuba had taught him just like the Israelites who forgot their God when they reached the promised land. The thoughts of leaving the church intensified and he was not able to resist them because he was now lacking in the word and in prayer. He finally took action and left the church in July 2018 and he started to regret his decision within three days after he had left. His life changed for the worse after leaving the church. Within three and a half months of leaving the church, all the blessings and deliverances that he had received at Unity Fellowship Church disappeared. His business started suffering as he would not get clients at all. He found himself always making mistakes at work. He also developed anger and short temper. His marriage suffered and he would disagree with his wife over minor issues and end up having physical fights with her. He then separated with his wife for some days as his behaviour had become uncontrollable. He was even thinking about divorcing his wife. Things were not going well for him at all. He was always in meetings about his behaviour, at work clients were complaining about him fighting them unnecessarily. At home the landlord was complaining that he was no longer consistent in paying rent. He was always fighting with his family and he was no longer the father that he used to be to his children. This affected his children and their performance at school dropped. He was even called to school by the teachers because of the change in one of his children’s performance and because the child’s behaviour had also changed. The child had become quiet at school. It was very painful, and he became very frustrated.

The spirit of drunkenness then came back very strong and he even had thoughts of committing suicide. Mr. Mashandule was tormented such that he could not sleep at all. He would be choked and chased in his sleep. He would also dream of snakes and those dreams of being fed in his sleep came back. He would be fed the whole night such that he would wake up with a bitter taste in his mouth. Things had changed and he was now characterized by failure especially on the business side. He would install equipment for a client and the client would either not pay or the equipment would only work for a short period. The worst scenario was when the equipment that he installed for the client was stolen and the client suspected him to be the thief that stole the equipment. He also started receiving calls from his family members because someone would be ill and admitted in hospital, something that was not happening when he was still committed to God and to the church. The family would be calling him with confidence that he is the one who goes to church and that he would pray for the situation, not knowing that he had backslidden and left the church. Things were not going well after he had left the church and he was so embarrassed to an extent that he was unable to forgive himself. He would cry whenever he saw a post of Pastor Mukhuba on Facebook, because it would remind him of the wrong decision that he made. He would watch the live broadcasts and cry inside in repentance, but the spirits would come back to torment him when the live broadcast service ends. It was a continuous cycle that kept leading him back to the world and to drinking alcohol.

Mr. Mashandule then decided to ask for forgiveness from Pastor Mukhuba so that he could be allowed to return to Unity Fellowship Church. He was forgiven and he was allowed back in October 2018. He came back but it was a struggle as those spirits that were tormenting him were trying to drag him back during the early days of his return to the church. He persevered and his suffering began to diminish as well. The spiritual wife stopped coming by simply coming back to church. The dreams of eating have also completely stopped. His superior at work even noticed the change and made a comment that it was clearly noticeable that Mr. Mashandule had gone back to church; stating that his performance was of someone who was back at church. Things started to be normal again. The Lord restored him, and he is now fully delivered. Those troublesome spirits have also left, and he has learnt a lesson through his experience. Mr. Mashandule does not wish to go back to worldly living again and he now attends church regularly. He gave a seed offering sometime in March 2019 after the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba had preached a message and declared prosperity over the church. The Lord made a way for his business. Mr. Mashandule checked his emails the day after that service and he saw that he had received emails from companies that were requesting his business’ services. His business started flourishing in a way that he never thought was possible. He became so busy such that he would not even have enough time to sleep. He later decided to resign from his regular job in order to focus on his business as it was now earning him more income than his job. His business is supplying clients all over the Gauteng province. Mr. Mashandule even bought a car and payed for it cash. His family life has also changed and there is now love, peace and respect. His children’s performance at school has also been restored. His daughter even got an outstanding achievement award. Glory be to Jesus! Mr Mashandule’s testimony is a great lesson to all believers of what happens when one forsakes the Lord, especially after such a person had been delivered from evil spirits. It is an example of what is written in Matthew 12:43-45. When an evil spirit leaves a person, it always goes back to check if it cannot find residence again in such a person. When it finds one outside of Christ, it goes and collects other spirits more evil than itself, and they all make such a person their habitant and the person ends worse off than before.