Ms. Nomsa Khubeka is glorifying the Lord for healing her from the pains that tormented her for months. She started by experiencing severe pains on her abdomen and waist in August 2019. The pains would also affect her leg. As a result she would drag her foot and bend slightly when she walked. She was unable to carry things for herself. She would have to ask assistance from her children all the time. She could not move her body freely due to the pains and frequently had to sit on top of a bucket because sitting on the chair had become unbearable. She was suffering. Ms. Khubeka was also unable to urinate for 3 months. When she went to the toilet she would be in a lot of pain. She would make a lot of noise by screaming out the names of her family members while in the toilet. When she tried to urinate, it would come out in drops. She consulted medical doctors who examined her and could not find the cause of the pains. They would give her pain killers and inject her however it did not help. It would only ease the pain for a short period but going to the toilet to urinate would still be painful. Ms. Kubheka attended the last Tuesday Healing and Deliverance service 2019 at Unity Fellowship Church. During the service while the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba was praying, she felt a burning sensation on her abdomen and her leg was shaking. She fell under the anoiting and was ushered to the altar area. While at the altar area, she was still feeling the burning sensation on her abdomen and felt thirsty. She asked one of the UBN ushers for water. She drank the water and later she felt pressed and had to rush to the toilet. When she got to the toilet, the urine came out like water from an open tap. She urinated freely after 3 months of suffering. The pains on her abdomen and leg immediately stopped and now she can walk and move freely. She has been completely healed. We give glory to the almighty God. Dear reader, as you read this testimony just know that even your difficult situation is changing instantly.