Mrs. Winnie Rammbuda from Kempton Park is thankful to the Lord for what He has done for her through the UBN Online church. On the 16th of March 2020, she suddenly started experiencing shortness of breath and it continued to worsen day by day. As a result, she struggled to talk because she could not finish a sentence without coughing.
She began suffering from tonsillitis, sinuses, and a sore throat when she woke up on the morning of the 27th of March 2020. Moreover, her taste buds had lost the sense of taste such that she could not identify the taste in the food that she tried to eat. She would also struggle to swallow food and water. Furthermore, she developed itchy sores from the hips to the legs.

Mrs. Rammbuda was reluctant to consult a medical doctor because of fear that she might test positive for COVID-19. She then decided to get over the counter medication from the pharmacy. She took that medication daily, but she never got better. She had no appetite for food, but she would force herself to eat so that she could take her medication. She thought of calling the COVID-19 call centre for screening because her condition was becoming worse and she was struggling to breathe. She was worried that she would be separated from her children when she does test positive for COVID-19. She was overwhelmed with fear of being infected with the Coronavirus.

On 07 April 2020 Online Tuesday Healing and Deliverance service, the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba opened the prayer line for people suffering from COVID-19 symptoms. Mrs. Rammbuda was experiencing symptoms that are similar to those of someone who is infected with the Coronavirus. She decided to call the prayer line and Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her. She then vomited strange substances that had traces of blood. Later that evening, she realized that she was able to taste food and swallow without feeling any pain. That night she slept like a baby, she did not experience any sore throat and sinuses.

She then attended the Online Good Friday service with her family on the 10th of April 2020. The family had the Holy Communion blessed by the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba during that service. She then realized that she was no longer suffering from shortness of breath the day after attending that Good Friday service. She tested herself by drinking water so many times and she did not experience any shortness of breath. She continued to monitor herself to be sure that she was healed from the shortness of breath and she never experienced any of it. She is completely healed, and she is no longer suffering from those COVID-19 disease related symptoms. On the very same service, the Lord healed her of the itchy sores on her hips and legs.

She is grateful to the Almighty God and the prayers of the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba during the Online church service. The blood of Jesus never fails, thank you doctor Jesus. Glory be to God!