Mrs. Josephine Shivambi would like to thank God for the power of the Fire Products and for the prayers offered by the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba. She started suffering from pains in her body, and loss of appetite on Saturday the 13th of June 2020. She had also lost her sense of taste. Her condition grew worse, thus she decided to consult a doctor on Wednesday the 17th of June 2020. The doctor gave her some pills and an injection. The doctor also instructed her to come for another injection the following day, and she did go. By Friday the 19th of June, her condition had deteriorated such that she was even struggling to walk properly. She was also struggling to breathe, and she was no longer able to do much for herself including bathing. She also had a persistent cough. Mrs. Shivambi decided to call her daughter to come where she lived. She called her daughter to come so that she could prepare food for her to be able to take the pills that she was given two days before. Her daughter could not bear with the situation that her mother was in when she arrived. She then took her to the clinic, and she also called the UBN prayer line to ask for prayers for her mother that same day.

Mrs. Shivambi had to be carried on a wheelchair at the clinic because she was unable to do anything by herself. They put her on oxygen support because she was struggling to breathe, and they also inserted a drip on her. She was then referred to the hospital because her condition was very serious. An ambulance was called in to transport her to hospital. Her daughter gave her the UBN Holy Anointing Oil and UBN Fire Sticker whilst she waited at the hospital’s casualty. Mrs. Shivambi was seated on a wheelchair and she was still on oxygen support. She administered the Holy Anointing Oil on her face and hands. She immediately regained strength after that and she had an urge to rush to the bathroom. She went there by herself unaided and removed the oxygen support that was assisting her to breathe. After that she had to wait for quite a long time to be attended to while at casualty. Mrs. Shivambi was later admitted and they also ran medical tests. She received the results of the medical tests on Monday the 22nd of June 2020, and she was diagnosed with the Coronavirus disease. She was still on oxygen support, but she would still struggle to breathe.

Mrs. Shivambi would administer the Holy Anointing Oil that her daughter gave her regularly. Her daughter decided to buy airtime and call her while in hospital on Tuesday the 23rd of June 2020. She did that so that her mother could connect to the Tuesday Online Healing and Deliverance Service over the phone. Mrs. Shivambi listened to the service until the end, and she was receiving all the declarations and the prayer made for sick people by the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba. That night after attending the service, Mrs. Shivambi was able to wake up and sit up on her bed for the first time since she was admitted in hospital. This was something she could not do before as she was bedridden. When she woke up, she saw that everyone who was in that ward was in a serious condition and they were bedridden. The hospital staff came in her ward while she was seated. They said that she should remove the oxygen as she was now breathing normally.

The following day on Wednesday morning she was able to walk and to go to the bathroom with ease. When the doctor came for the rounds in the morning, he ordered that Mrs. Shivambi should not use the oxygen anymore as she was now well. Everyone was surprised as they said that Mrs. Shivambi was very sick to can recover so quickly. Mrs. Shivambi was discharged from hospital on Thursday the 25th of June 2020 after some medical tests were ran. She has been requested to come back on the 6th of July for review. She is now well, and she no longer has those symptoms of the Coronavirus disease. She is even able to bath herself now. She would like to thank God and the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba for her prayers. Glory be to Jesus!