Mrs Tshivule from Vleifontein grew up a sickly child. She often experienced difficulties breathing. Her chest would feel closed up and thus she would struggle to breath. When coughing, she would release a lot of yellow and green phlegm mixed with mucus like dirt particles.

With time, she felt as if there was something making strange noises in her chest when having these attacks. She would at times spend weeks struggling to breath without finding any relief. Even if she could try to breathe through her mouth, she would still feel that she was not getting enough oxygen in her lungs. She would sometimes be afraid to fall asleep fearing that she might wake up dead. Medical doctors were unable to diagnose or cure her condition. As a student, she had to take a week off from school every month just to rest due to this condition.

Mrs Tshivule used countless medication to no avail. One of the doctors she consulted informed her that she was allergic to smoke, dust, and green plants like flowers and grass. She could not be at a place where lawn was being mowed as the smell of the freshly cut grass would clog her chest immediately causing her not to be able to breath. She could not escape from this condition as there is no human environment which does not have green plants, smoke or dust.

During March of 2011, when Mrs Tshivule’s husband saw that her condition was becoming too severe, he advised her to stop working and she resigned. After every 2 successive days of being at work, she would have to visit the doctor on the third day as she would get very ill. Her doctor would first have to put her on a nebulizer to clean her chest so that she could be able to breath with minimal discomfort. This was the story of her life until when she visited Unity Fellowship Church Tshisaulu in February 2020 when the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba was hosting the 2020 Exodus Anointing Service.

During the service, the Servant of God made an altar call for people who struggle to breath and those who get closed up at night when sleeping. Mrs Tshivule responded to this altar call and was prayed for by Pastor Mukhuba. From that day on the 27th of February 2020, Mrs Tshivule has been living a healthy life free from the breathing and respiratory complications that tormented her for 58 years of her life. She no longer takes medication or visits the doctor struggling to breath. She no longer experiences blockages when breathing even when she is in a dusty, smoky or green plantation area. The gracious Lord has healed her from all her suffering. Hallelujah!