Mr. Khulani Dlamini is a child of Unity Fellowship Church and a member of the UBN team. He was groomed at Unity Sunday School, and he followed all the teachings by his Sunday school teachers. He is a Cloud Engineer by profession. In September of 2019 during the final year of his undergraduate degree, he secured his first job in his industry. He started working in January 2020. As per the teachings of Pastor Mukhuba he became an invaluable member of his team by applying the spirit of excellence in all that he did.
At the beginning of February 2021, Pastor Mukhuba made a call for members of Unity to give their First Fruit Offering and taught them that First Fruits guarantee the harvest for the year. Mr. Dlamini felt the Spirit of God urging him to make a special offering and offer double the amount that he was supposed to give. He yielded to that call and committed to give it. During the first week of March 2021 when Pastor Mukhuba collected the First Fruit offerings, Mr. Dlamini gave his offering.
On Sunday the 28th of March 2021, Pastor Mukhuba referred to a testimony of a lady who had received her breakthrough through her offering. She declared a word of blessing on the church and said that the church would set their salaries at the pulpit through their offerings. Mr. Dlamini heard that word and was reminded of the offering he had made and believed that the Lord would work in his life through it, and he would experience what the Servant of God had declared. A month later in May 2021, Mr. Dlamini received the opportunity to interview with a big international company. He was not actively looking for a job at the time and after a few days of contemplating, he decided to just send in his CV and see what would happen. He was called for an interview session which he passed. He was then called for the final stage of interviews which involved several technical tests and interviews with panelists over many hours. On the 9th of June 2021, he was pleased to hear that he had been successful.
The company offered him a grand remuneration package which included a big sign on bonus, an annual salary that was more than double his current salary, shares in the company which would increase with every year that he worked for the company and a lot of money in US Dollars that he would use to relocate to the company’s South African headquarters in Cape Town.
God is indeed displaying His splendor through this young man. This is the fulfilment of the 2019 Youth Day message preached by the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba from 2 Chronicles 27. She taught of Jotham who grew powerfully because he walked steadfastly before the Lord his God. She declared that the youth are a special project, destined and launched for greatness. The Lord has packed and equipped them for greater things. They are missiles built and programmed to achieve the plans and purpose of God for their lives. Like Jotham, Mr. Dlamini allowed himself to be trained and used by the Lord.
Mr. Dlamini holds a prominent position at his early 20’s where most of his peers with similar qualifications are unemployed. The young man is sky rocketing, moving at the speed of Elijah. He is extremely grateful for the great grace of God upon his life and for granting him success in all that he sets his mind to do. He is also grateful to Pastor Mukhuba for her prayers.
Mr. Dlamini encourages all young people in Christ to believe the Lord and trust Him with their lives and to be faithful to God in their tithes and offerings. Offering does not buy God or His blessings but is a form of worship where people honor God with their substance. Now, as the saints say, when the praises go up, His glory comes down!