In January 2017 Mamabine Thejane started becoming sick. She experienced pains around her waist and stomach. She did not know what was wrong with her. She went to the clinic and they gave her treatment but it never worked. After 10 days she went back and the nurses told her that they were not sure what she was suffering from and transferred her to Vosloorus hospital to be checked by the doctors.

She was put on a scan but they still could not diagnose her as they did not find any abnormalities on her stomach, even though she was in excruciating pains.
Towards the end of February 2017 she visited her mother in the Free State province and was taken to a hospital in Bloemfontein.

She was put under a sonar scan it was discovered that there were things, blocking her large intestines and was then taken for an X-Ray. The X-Ray revealed that she had developed growth, covering her large intestines. She was asked to come back the following week and it was discovered that the growth had spread even further.

She decided to come back to Johannesburg so that she could go to church. The pains were no longer constant, they would just come and go. On Saturday, the 15th of April 2017 she started feeling pains all over her body and was sweating. By evening she had developed a lump on her neck and was unable to speak because it was painful.

She was advised at home not to attend the Resurrection Sunday Service because she was not feeling well but she did not listen to them and came to church. When she came to the service, she was unable to pray out loud because of the pains on her throat caused by the lump and was just praying in her heart(silently)

During praise and worship, the lump burst and oozed puss and her voice was restored back. The Lord had performed the operation right during the church service, the suffering was over. When Pastor Mukhuba ascended to the pulpit she started feeling heat on her body and suddenly gained strength to stand up from the chair and went to the bathroom. The pains on her whole body were gone, she is so grateful that God has performed a miraculous healing upon her life.

May the Holy Spirit perform an operation in your life as you read this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ!