Mrs Lebohang Munyai used to have visual problems. She could not even read texts in small fonts. She started ministering the UBN Holy Anointing Oil, now her eyesight has been restored and she can see things from a distance. Mrs Munyai comes from a family that worships ancestors and her grandmother is a witchdoctor. When Mrs Munyai was young, she fell in a river and her uncle rescued her.

She then started having dreams where she would see herself getting initiated as a witchdoctor in the water. Her grandmother said that it was because she was the one who was going to inherit her tools of darkness and take over as a witchdoctor in the family. She refused, but from that day onwards she could not go near the water. She would feel dizzy every time she went near water. It has been 30 years since that traumatic experience. She came to Unity Fellowship Church and the Lord Jesus Christ delivered her from that fear.

She went with her family to the beach for a vacation and by faith she went into the ocean and she did not have any problems, the water phobia is gone. The Lord has delivered her from the spirits that were tormenting her, she is now free in Jesus' name.