Mr. and Mrs. Mudau give glory to the Almighty God for what He is doing in their family. Mrs. Mudau is from a family background where people do not get educated such that she is the first person in her family to go to university and complete a Btech degree. The Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba taught the church that their family background should not define their future as children of God. Children of God are chosen to rewrite their family history. Mrs. Mudau took those teachings personally, and she decided that the only way to rewrite her family history is to study further and get educated so that others in her family and those coming after her should get educated. Mrs. Mudau registered for Masters of Philosophy in Engineering Management in 2018.
During her final year of study, she started experiencing challenges with her laptop when she was supposed to submit her dissertation. Her laptop would suddenly freeze while busy, and sometimes her work would automatically get deleted. This did not make sense to her because it would only happen when she was due for submission, while on other days she never had that challenge. Mrs. Mudau realised that it was a spiritual attack and, she decided to administer the UBN Holy Anointing Oil on her laptop and prayed against forces of darkness that were trying to block her. By the grace of God, she managed to submit the dissertation. After submitting her dissertation, she started experiencing delays in marking. The marking takes about 3 to 4 months, but hers took longer because even her peers received their results before her. Mrs. Mudau dissertation marking took 7 months, and when she received her results two examiners who marked the dissertation had different remarks. One examiner gave positive remarks while the other criticized the work. It was confusing such that her supervisor could not understand and commented that it has never happened like that before. Her supervisor then advised her to not be discouraged but to address each point as required by the other examiner. Mrs. Mudau then reworked her dissertation, and she submitted it in March 2021. The marking of the second attempt takes a week, but hers took longer again. Mrs. Mudau became concerned about these delays.
On the 18th of April 2021, she attended a Sunday Service at Unity. On that service, the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba read Acts 14:8-11, where she preached about a lame man from birth who received his healing after Paul noticed that he had faith in the Lord Jesus. Pastor Mukhuba encouraged the church to have faith in the Lord Jesus for their situation to change. She instructed the church to sit down and at her count of three they should stand up and walk like what happened to the man in Acts 14, where Paul said with a loud voice, “Stand up straight on your feet!” and the man leaped and walked. Pastor Mukhuba declared that as the church was standing up it is a prophetic action that would bring a miracle in their lives, and they would begin to make progress in their life situations where there were restrictions. Mrs. Mudau had faith that her situation would change and at the count of three, she partook on the prophetic action. She believed that she would receive feedback regarding her dissertation and on the same service, she exercised her faith by offering the Gideonites Offering. The Lord did not delay answering her because the next day she received an email confirming that she passed and thus, completing her Masters of Philosophy in Engineering Management. Praise Jesus!
Secondly, Mr. and Mrs. Mudau had the desire to run a logistics business since 2013, but they would have some challenges when they want to acquire a truck for the business. It would be said that they do not qualify since it needed an established business with a certain amount of turnover. This would make them postpone their plans repeatedly because they did not have the business. Another drawback was that over the years the Lord has been blessing the couple with promotions and salary increases at their respective workplaces, but they would commit their finances to debts. Therefore, they would always pay their debts and would be left with nothing to save. They were spending all that they were earning on luxurious things. Professor Mukhuba counselled them on how to manage their finances. They obeyed the counselling and paid off their debts and started managing their finances wisely. They learned the principle of not eating the seed but planting it and eat the fruits thereof.
Moreover, Mr. Mudau embarked on a straight juice fast for 40 days during the 2021 prayer and fasting trusting the Lord for the year 2021. During the fasting period, Pastor Mukhuba always taught the church about running their businesses. The Mudau family understood that they were equipped to run their own business. In March 2021, they went to the dealership to enquire about the price of the truck they wanted. They were given a certain price. Then they decided that they would come back after a few months. Sometime in April, they met with a salesman from the car dealership they went to before. The salesman informed them that he had a special for the truck they wanted. The Mudau family visited the dealership and they found that the truck was on special. They submitted their documents as private buyers, and the dealer did not require a business application as they had not registered a company yet. Their private application was then approved for the truck, and they were also given a discount of R62 000 on the deal. The truck is a Hyundai Mighty EX8.
Mr. and Mrs. Mudau attended a Power Weekend Sunday Service on the 2nd of May 2021. The Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba narrated to the church her experience as she was coming to church the previous day. She saw a certain company displaying its fleet of branded trucks celebrating 40 years of existence. The Servant of God declared that the Lord would bless His children with trucking businesses that would be branded, grow strong, expand, multiply, and are displayed during anniversaries. The Mudau family took the word from the pulpit, and they registered their business and branded their truck on the business name “Thanganyelo Services”. Glory to Jesus!